ZiffDavis – Why Smarter Business Begins With Better Reporting Tools

ZiffDavis - Why Smarter Business Begins With Better Reporting Tools

Most of the business intelligence (BI) solutions on the market today have integrated reporting components. Other dedicated reporting programs integrate with existing BI and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to produce dashboards, scorecards, and all manner of business data presentations. However, IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is unparalleled in its ability to deliver powerful reports easily, quickly, and on any platform with a unified interface and user-friendly development tools.

Combined with IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics, Cognos Business Intelligence gives organizations the ability to view critical historical data alongside data in motion and even gain insights into future probabilities in a way that few integrated BI platforms can match. Cognos Business Intelligence is the tool of choice for organizations looking for graphical interfaces that allow non-technical users to ask (and answer) challenging questions while also enabling experienced business statisticians to model complex scenarios. Recent updates even allow these capabilities to extend across mobile devices as well, literally putting corporate data into any user’s hands, when and where they need it, without separate mobile development efforts.

This paper describes the current state of BI reporting, significant trends shaping the industry, and ways in which IBM Cognos Business Intelligence satisfies challenging requirements in demanding, heterogeneous environments.

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