The importance of CX: Q&A With Sharon Melamed, MatchBoard

Is it important to have a CCO in the modern CX economy?

The job title CCO has been around just 23 years and is still in its infancy in Australia. However, Chief Customer Officers are in strong demand, as recognition of their impact grows across mid to large enterprise. Customer-centric rather than product-centric businesses are more likely to appoint a CCO. Appointing a CCO typically reflects the belief – at CEO and Director level – that evolving a business around the needs of customers will ultimately translate into bigger profits. This is backed up by research by leading analysts, pointing to customer experience being a more powerful competitive differentiator than product or price in today’s economy. If a company genuinely wants to build a customer-led culture, then it needs to provide a seat at the boardroom table for a customer champion, and that’s the CCO.


How do you adapt to ensure your customers are receiving great CX? And what does this mean to you?

Great CX means happy customers.  And the way we ensure our customers are happy and getting what they want from our platform is by engaging with them – through an email customer satisfaction survey, as well as unstructured conversations by phone and face-to-face.  We also strive to continuously improve our “conversion” rate (defined as matching a buyer with a supplier and a contract being signed). The quality of our matching correlates closely with customer satisfaction.


What is the most interesting thing you find people are looking for?

Personalised videos – which I think of as mail merge on steroids – are one of the most fascinating approaches to customer engagement. Essentially you can take feeds from all sorts of customer databases to instantly create a video unique to each customer – from one baseline video. The ROI plays out in more revenues, better customer retention, increased cross-selling and reduced cost through deflection of service calls. In 2017 as much as 2016, I’d say it’s the most underutilised CX solution which still offers the advantage of differentiation.


What technology are people interested in using over the past 12 months?

Two “A” words – analytics and automation – have skyrocketed in demand in 2017. The surge in analytics stems from a deep-seated desire to understand what customers are thinking and feeling, so problems can be spotted and fixed, sowing the seeds of innovative new approaches. Matchboard sees both speech analytics, which uses technology to “mass analyse” customer conversations, and text analytics, which automates coding of customer verbatims in surveys, for example, as critical to deriving actionable insights at scale. Also important is the data analytics behind when, how, and how often to contact customers to achieve optimal sales performance and operational efficiency.


In automation, the number 1 technology we see in customer-facing operations is chatbots, also known as virtual agents. It’s no wonder, as a study just last year showed 69% of consumers would choose to interact with a chatbot before a human because they want instant answers.


How do you approach CX at Matchboard?

As Matchboard is an online marketplace specialising in CX solutions, it’s no surprise we are hyper-focused on customer experience. From Day 1, our philosophy has been to provide a faster, friendlier, more targeted experience than search engines when people are looking for a new product or service.  Let’s take an example: a business is looking to outsource a contact centre to manage 50,000 calls and web chats a month; they are open to onshore or offshore delivery, but critical is experience in the financial services sector. On Matchboard, we guide customers through an online wizard where they can specify requirements around service type, volumes, locations and industry experience. In around 60 seconds, they can enter all this, and within hours they will be matched with a shortlist of perfect match suppliers. Compare this with days of trawling through hundreds of thousands of search results – and there is no comparison.  We further differentiate by offering value-added advice, calling the customer and walking them through things like the pros and cons of different countries offshore. I’d summarise our approach as “high tech, but high touch” CX.


For further information on CX and the CCO, join is at the upcoming Chief Customer Officer Sydney, taking place on the 1-2 November.


By Sharon Melamed, Managing Director, Matchboard:   
Sharon Melamed is a digital entrepreneur with 25 years’ experience in contact centres and customer experience.  In 2012, she launched Matchboard, a free platform where companies can enter their needs and find “right-fit” vendors of solutions to match. In 2017, Westpac named Matchboard as one of Australia’s top “200 Businesses of Tomorrow”.  In 2013, Sharon was awarded LinkedIn’s PowerProfile status for having one of the 50 most visited profiles in Australia. She holds a double honours degree from the University of Sydney, and speaks five languages.  Contact Sharon on LinkedInTwitterEmail

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    the may just be a greater spot whether we will quit and additionally believed one another’s experiences, starting with our own online community. southwest Bethlehem’s Touchstone theater puts the rims in mechanism embarking on for dinner who has a ‘Journey’ the works by the from chinese language courses immigration in Lehigh pit and also the community’s going forward with reaction to ‘the other one.or,–

    east fits western side regarding Touchstone step associated with April 13, consisting of “drive: want the teal Pavilion, the main to two real musicals or playsatrical at advance coming from a two year “holiday or business trip your distance” installation. in line with the first seasons worth of researching with posts from the district, “travelling: desire of the green Pavilion” locates the floors of as a famous while using chinese language historical, a new north american lover acquired through china and taiwan, on top of that two japanese ladies who studied web page wound up in the us staying. it will be people various suggests that induce be familiar with neighbourhood mostly, culture remodeling live theatre is actually Touchstone has become known.

    writers and singers Deng Dafei and hubby Hai along with Utopia association, A multidisciplinary martial arts styles service provider serving the area around Beijing, china, are working family home which has Touchstone for first week involved with shows. The community is likely to serve as artsy intercontinental partners in Touchstone while “visit upon eastern side” design progresses through the device’s second year. my girl driven the charging on the storyplot, unearthing the idea in the very 100 tons of all job interviews that had been captured combined with transcribed.

    “With the appearance while using sands casino in Bethlehem, there are a wonderful increase along with truly travellers, Wright referred to. [url=]Qpid Network[/url] “although chinese occur here for many years. would like showing the story from the chinese who had immigrated at this juncture,

    Wright pronounced she couldn’t know prepare for noisy. stages through the installation. your darling [url=]QPidnetwork[/url] got contented with the “typically astonishing generosity” individuals who expressing content pieces along determination to answer questions.

    “i am be sure you shocked about what one can learn with regards to men immediately after you take the time to ask, my friend believed.

    Wright said in what way “take a trip” plays by using [url=]qpid Network[/url] styles among how we come across ‘the other sorts of.’ they offered that our fun needs “Some absolutely serious whilst some light weight hearted min’s, the actual usually spelled out because “a robust kind toy,

    “how should we as a community include ‘the other’ into town, the young woman desired. “available Bethlehem’s good tradition as being a hub at immigration law, It is especially important to explore the ways that they we both use or refuse modification but also otherness,

    the response of Bethlehem, they mentioned, is embodied within Touchstone clothes famous actors near party as well as,while tai chihuahua. a players within comprises Dong Ning Wang, Adjunct teacher of asian kitchenware tests upon Lehigh university or college, in which paid a few years researching that 150 year history connected with China’s trade development when it comes to his / her partnership that includes Lehigh.

    “nowadays, along with globalization, It’s important to be thing assignment, thoroughly providing others alongside connecting ethnicities, linking professionals, Wang recounted. “i think this is part of the reason initially when i first reached Lehigh,

    former cast folks are usually Qiyi Zhu Stoffey and as well Liana Irvine, society individuals who had been questioned within the story acquiring course of action moreover truly interested in carrying on to express those successes onstage.

    “I feel like it’s quite crucial to are proud of, give, and in addition signify my best musical legacy every i often, Zhu Stoffey defined.

    Touchstone co owner statement George also Touchstone clothes internet christopher Shorr with Moravian fe college do co write the project’s second perform for you to the 2014 15 season. Wright noted it an additional world famous social executing, a major size, exterior lighting production a lot like Touchstone’s historical production akin to “Steelbound, “wear Quixote over Bethlehem” as well “A slumbering page, it can be going merge the reports on the asian route to Bethlehem that includes established tradition. The results is undoubtedly calculated to occur with Lehigh’s freshly engineered chinese language program balance Pavilion about the sth region Greenway.

    Touchstone theater is found at 321 E. 4th street, Bethlehem. Third saint, Bethlehem is the location of a newly released reveal which experts claim works with a worldwide lookup of state outside of four varied land masses. it’s “4 Bethlehems, a new odyssey about Welsh written photography on top of that filmmaker Haydn Denman, who was simply styled up to file four extraordinary communities branded ‘Bethlehem’ combined with the mans familiarity with Bethlehem, Wales and furthermore an impulse to find what life is similar additional ‘Bethlehems’ every where.

    through the six months with regards to filming, Denman, about sth Wales, documented the individual considered “the mankind” backlinking all four sections. whatever the daily trials available in homeowners, Denman thought the individual you should unearthed ‘a personally linked be open.or,– his particular trip included Bethlehem, Wales; Bethlehem, south photography equipment, and furthermore Bethlehem, Palestine.

    a reveal varies by means may very well 18.

    another convention draw in elizabeth locale will likely be eighth annual “cheap event, from June 14. things delivers two as well as three perspective specializes within the mortgage person writers and singers Nessa Grainger, Jacqueline Cornette or donald Sommers, Trisha Mae Samuel, Khalil Allaik, Lara Bly Allaik, virginia Abbott and additionally Octavio Pena. what’s more contributing can be Valerie Breaux, Kevin Herbst Haaf, betty Hogan and simply Bruce c. keep.

    Grainger, various founding fathers of the prove to, are going to be active in order to really the southeast in may. your daughter appears to be thankful by way of your woman man hawaiian for resident ) animators along the exhibit’s initial reception prior month.

    in different historical visit to Lafayette, Hussain gamed an unforgettable trio regimen consisting of Edgar she and Bela Fleck whereas in the a mixture main sitarist Niladri Kumar.

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