Speaker Requirements Form

Speaker Requirements Form

  • Please indicate below which days you will be attending the conference & your anticipated arrival time for the conference. If you are not able to attend the entire conference, we suggest that you arrive at least 40 minutes prior to your presentation so that you have a chance to familiarise yourself with the room set up and audio visual equipment.
  • Please advise below if you have any allergies or dietary requirements i.e. allergic to nuts, gluten free. Please note we can not cater for dietary preferences.
  • Questions below are for speakers with a presentation - please disregard the below section if you are on a panel discussion or running a discussion group

  • Corinium Global Intelligence will provide a standard package including: LCD projector, laptop, microphones (Inc. lectern, lapel and hand-held), laser pointer & remote slide clicker. If you are a part of a panel, discussion group or masterclass and require anything additional, please list it here
  • Internet will be avaliable if required
  • Format of the presentation will need to be 16:9. You are welcome to use PowerPoint (preferred), Prezzi or Keynote. Please send presentation to [email protected] If the file is quite large it may bounce back due to our firewall. In this instance we do use dropbox (www.dropbox.com) which is a secure and free file sharing site that will send me a link allowing me to download your presentation and save it. If you use another file sharing site, please feel free to go ahead with this. Please note panel speakers and discussion group chairs/presenters do not need to submit a presentation
  • In the event that the conference delegates have no questions to ask you regarding your presentation, and time permits, the chairperson will ask you these pre-prepared questions to assist in facilitating discussion regarding your presentation.
  • Other notes and terms and conditions for all presenters

  • Please advise if there is anything else regarding your session or attendance that Corinium need to be aware of
  • Corinium Global Intelligence makes all speaker presentations available (if granted permission by the speaker) to conference attendees via download website after the event. Corinium Global Intelligence may invite members of the press to attend your speaking session, for the purpose of reporting on such session. NOTE: By agreeing to speak at the event you agree to the terms and conditions set forth above, unless you specifically tick the boxes below to opt out of one or more such conditions by timely notifying Corinium Global Intelligence.

Corinium Global Intelligence is registered in England & Wales, number 08520994. Registered office:
Brook House, School Lane, South Cerney, Cirencester, GL7 5TY.

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