Making Data Science Understandable for All [Presentation]

Chief Data Scientist & Artificial Intelligence Officer, USA 2017 – Presentation by Bob Filbin

Chief Data Scientist & Artificial Intelligence Officer, USA 2017

The Unique Event addressing Strategic Leadership of
Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are the latest disruptive technologies that are transforming our whole societies, including the way in which businesses operate. For organizations to fully exploit the opportunities that data science and AI present, a new generation of executive roles has arisen tasked with leading enterprises of all sizes and shapes through this brave new world.

Building on the success of last year’s event, Chief Data Scientist & Artificial Intelligence Officer, USA brought together over 100 de facto, in situ, and aspiring CDSs, CAIOs, and other senior data science and AI executives to discuss the strategic and technical challenges of these emerging leadership roles. All in a community built to deliver real insights, provide a detailed roadmap for advancement, and to discuss the challenges they face in embedding data science & AI as part of a company’s DNA.

The unique interactive format allowed attendees to ‘stand on the shoulders of giants’ and learn from the collective wisdom of all in attendance. Alongside keynote presentations from our senior speaker line-up, our informal discussion groups, in-depth masterclasses and networking sessions provided the opportunity to take away new ideas and information to deliver real benefits. 

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