It all comes back to multiple customer channels

I have touched on this before, but have been giving this topic of omni-channel CX more thought in the run up to Chief Customer Officer USA. What I am talking about is the integration of text, voice, social, email and instant messaging across multiple touch-points

Get mobile right. More and more people are buying and selling from their mobiles, but mobile engagement is relatively poor, often redirecting customers to clumsy interfaces or social media channels that don’t resolve the issue instantly. Making it difficult to navigate will turn customer off immediately.

Talking of social media, you need to increase your response times. Bots can often have a negative effect if not correctly managed. Ignoring social media interaction will lead to customers leaving or even lambasting you to whoever is willing to listen – and there are a lot of them. Social media is a tricky minefield to navigate, but it’s not impossible if done efficiently and with empathy.

Contact centres will always play a key role in your CX strategy. With the modern customer this is often seen as the last resort. What turns customers off is wait time, lack of resolution and contact centre agents who lack empathy. Ensure that you have an integrated system which can empower your agents to better understand who they are speaking to and find the most effective way to resolve their problem.

If you are offering a self-service option make sure it is clear and concise. Making it difficult to navigate and understand nullifies its purpose. Customers want to feel empowered, but also want a safety-net so make sure you build that in.

SMS is not dead. Even with the plethora of messaging services, everyone can still receive text messages and respond. Hyperlink text, include coupon codes, use it as an affordable means to intercept customer complaints. It’s a simple effective and direct tool that shouldn’t be neglected.

Email is still considered king, but in an inundated world of spam messaging and daily deals make sure that your messages are targeted, concise and compelling. Offer a deal, show value with content and generate real interest. If email is the means of handling customer complaints, ensure they are responded to in a timeous manner.

Live chat can improve sales, but again make sure that your bot isn’t going to lose the plot. Try find a human resource to direct traffic, or at least handle notifications if the conversation starts to go awry.

Above all, test your channels. Make sure they are efficient, do what they say on the box, that customers are not sent from pillar to post when trying to resolve a query, that each touchpoint has an element of empathy or consideration. Offer a resolution that is feasible and within a set time-frame. Do not over-promise, do not indulge or over-sell; customers respond to honesty.

By Ryan Matthews:

Ryan Matthews is the Content Director for Chief Customer Officer USA at Corinium Global Intelligence. His time is spent researching with leading CX professionals to understand market issues to develop valuable content to the CX community. Contact him at: [email protected]

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