Executive Brief: The governed data lake approach

Executive Brief: The governed data lake approach

Organizations today collect a tremendous amount of data and are bolstering their analytics capabilities to generate new, data-driven insights from this expanding resource. To make the most of growing data volumes, they need to provide rapid access to data across the enterprise. At the same time, they need efficient and workable ways to store and manage data over the long term.

A governed data lake approach offers an opportunity to manage these challenges. A data lake is a shared data environment that comprises multiple repositories and capitalizes on big data technologies. Organizations are increasingly exploring the data lake approach to address demands for an agile yet secure and well-governed data environment that supports both structured and unstructured data.

Unlike a data warehouse, a data lake uses a flat architecture that keeps data in its native format until it’s needed. It allows rapid landing and storage of data, and it provides ready, unfettered self-service access to data for analysis. Comprehensive governance capabilities help ensure data can be easily found, understood and stored without duplication…

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