Data Privacy Day: Why is it Important?

This Sunday, 28th January 2018, is Data Privacy Day in the USA and Data Protection Day in Europe. Data Privacy Day is an international awareness day that exists to promote privacy and data protection best practices. It is currently observed in the USA, Canada, India and 47 European countries including the United Kingdom.

What is Data Privacy Day?

The main function of Data Privacy Day was originally to raise awareness in businesses as well as users about how important it is to protect the privacy of any personal information they hold online. However, the day also promotes events and activities that are relevant to the importance of data privacy, encourages the use of data privacy laws and regulations and helps to create dialogues of interest to businesses and individuals to help advance data privacy and protection.

As the deadline for GDPR is fast approaching (25 May 2018) and data security fast becoming a top concern,, the importance of protecting data is crucial and Data Privacy Day is a great opportunity to raise further awareness about the need for organizations to properly protect the data they hold.

Why is Data Privacy Day Important?

With the large amount of hacks and data breaches that have taken place recently including the huge “WannaCry” ransomware hack that affected the NHS in the UK last year, Data Privacy Day is now more important than ever.  Data has never been more vulnerable to hackers with malicious intent and the day now serves to highlight the importance of having strong data protection practices and policies that should be adhered to and implemented in all businesses – large and small – and as something that the emerging C-suite roles should take very seriously.

Why are Attacks on Data in the Cloud Increasing?

An alarming statistic is that the amount of cloud data each person uses is expected to triple by 2020, and this data will be vulnerable to use in a wide variety of cyber-attacks. Approximately half of these attacks are committed by cyber-criminals rather than hacktivists, terrorists, competitors or nation states. Therefore, Data Privacy Day will highlight the importance of securing data in the cloud.

How can Organizations Secure Their Data in the Cloud?

Some things that organizations can do to protect themselves is to use strong authentication methods and complex passwords that are updated and changed regularly, along with implementing two-factor authentication. Organizations should also consider using a Cloud Access Security Broker, or CASB, to help detect any suspicious behavior. Data Privacy Day exists to highlight the key things that organizations to do protect their data in the cloud.

For more information about Data Privacy Day and to sign up as a #DataPrivacyChampion visit the “Stay Safe Online” website –


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