C-Level to Staff-Level Access Via Email Marketing :

Lead Generation & Brand Awareness through Content Promotion

Cortnie Abercrombie, IBM Analytics

"Corinium has been absolutely wonderful to work with and there are two areas that compel me to continue doing business with them: 1) They do THE best job of recruiting the target audience of any vendor I’ve encountered and 2) they are incredibly adaptable to changing situations."
If you want to get right to the point, then no better way than to engage in a targeted direct email marketing campaign. With over 450,000+ fully qualified leads across our C-suite verticals, (but with a heavy focus on Data & Analytics), we can promote your brand, services, products effectively.

What are we offering?

We can provide you access via our email marketing services to contacts around the globe from Staff Levels to C-suite on SMEs to Multinational Corporations across all industries.

Our communities have grown from emerging C-suite roles and those that reside in their teams, as well as some in related areas, so we exist in the following fields:

  1. Big Data | Global Counts in excess of 102,000
  2. Analytics  | Global Counts in excess of 98,000
  3. Data Science  | Global Counts in excess of 87,000
  4. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning  | Global Counts in excess of 37,000
  5. Revenue Optimization  | Global Counts in excess of 26,000
  6. Marketing & Sales  | Global Counts in excess of 55,000
  7. Human Resources, HRM, Corporate L & D  | Global Counts in excess of 22,000
  8. Finance  | Global Counts in excess of 15,000

Not on this list? Get in touch with me at [email protected] - we have a research and lead generation team that can start collecting records from as little as 80p / $1 per record!

10 Easy Steps to Successful Email Marketing to Corinium's Global Database

  1. We do not sell data and follow guidelines of CAN-SPAM and ANTI_SPAM regulation, we allow access to our extensive and up-to-date data via our email marketing services
  2. We work together with you to determine your target market
  3. We provide a data count for these contacts and a quote for 1 email send + 1 email resend to non-opens of that same campaign
  4. For 2 emails to the data, we offer 50% off the second email send as long as the content is considerably different to maximise your exposure and engage our audience.
  5. We can guide you on all areas of content for your campaign
  6. We agree on what type / level of campaign you would like to engage in
  7. You have control over the style and format of your emails and can send us existing html to use or we can work together on a new format for the email!
  8. We set up a dedicated delegated domain via our email campaign provider (Adestra) to ensure that the email looks like it comes from your organization
  9. We will work to create new opportunities - as we have done by delivering 15,000+ registrations, downloads and survey responses
  10. We offer a post-email service and can also provide raw data for the clicks and to ensure that you are able to collect and market to these leads

This is an easy process, where we have seen companies like IBM, PwC, Clarivate, Clarity, Verint & Many Others generate 20,000+ leads in the form of:

  • Online Events/ Live Event Registrations
  • Content Downloads
  • Nurtured Leads
  • Services Enquiries
  • Email Clicks

Contact Alexis Efstathiou for more information

Director of Global Marketing & Digital Strategy

[email protected]

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