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Tailored, custom events for thought leadership, client engagement & lead generation

Sometimes the best environment for lead generation, increasing demand and creating growth opportunities for your company is a bespoke one, allowing you to share your unique value proposition with the people who can make a real difference. That’s why we facilitate private events for select clients.


We work closely with you to understand what type of event will help you achieve your goals, whether that be lead generation, brand awareness, community build or thought-leadership. It could be a roundtable meeting, a multi-city roadshow, a half-day to two day conference, an exclusive dinner or a private harbour cruise. It could be for 10 people or 200. What matters is you getting quality time with high-value prospects in the right setting to showcase your strengths.

Invitation only

To maximize lead generation and optimize conversion, we develop invitation only events by leveraging our strong relationships across our vast global network and extensive event experience, to help you deliver on your business development objectives. This ensures you will have the opportunity to connect with the right people in the best environment for you. Our partners to date include companies like IBM, PwC, Veritas and Pivotal to name just a few.

Time saving

In order to be as economic with your time as possible, we take care of all the ground work including:

  • The invitation list and booking the delegates
  • Developing content and securing speakers
  • Organising exclusive venues and event formats
  • Coordinating with your team to make sure you get everything you need.
Meet your targets

Whether you are focused on building your sales pipeline, accelerating sales, developing new relationships, or looking for exciting ways to interact with existing clients, hosting a private event is the perfect platform to drive a highly targeted sales and marketing strategy that delivers a greater ROI to your business.

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Key benefits
  • Exclusive access to qualified decision-makers
  • Dedicated face time with hand-picked prospects in an intimate setting
  • Allocate marketing spend to your ideal leads
  • Demonstrate thought leadership without the ‘noise’ of your competitors
  • Free-up internal resources for other priorities
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