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Access more than 550,000 engaged C-Level connections and global expert members in the fields of Data, Analytics, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Customer Experience & Learning & Development

 We offer Targeted & Personalized Digital Solutions to match your Marketing Objectives

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What are your digital goals & how competitive is your current approach?

Our Digital CxO Hangouts - Delivering the C-suite to you...

Access the CxO Hangouts' Community with Targeted Campaigns. Generate Demand with Online Events. Engage directly with your prospects via email. Use Content & Online Events to Enhance Thought-Leadership...
  • What is unique about our digital marketing solutions and the access provided to our CxO audiences?  Our C-suite network is different. We are a community built by and for the emerging C-level roles that have transformed the face of the traditional C-suite.

  • Gain direct access to 100,000s Community Participants through our digital marketing solutions and you will gain access to an Engaged, Qualified & Active audience.

  • 4 years ago, when we started out, we could count all the Chief Data Officers across the globe using just both hands. As more and more companies have established the role, we made it out business to reach out to each and every single CDO to welcome them on board what is a rollercoaster ride.

  • Through our hugely successful conferences taking place across 5 continents, we really have built the most extensive yet targeted network. It was only natural that after a short time of seeing how rapid the rise of the CDO role was that we moved quickly into Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Data Scientist, both with their own firmly established networks.

  • We are always innovating and staying one step ahead through our advisory boards of Chief Officers in each discipline. We have just added 3 new networks over the past 18 months, Chief Learning, Chief Customer and Chief AI Officer. And so the CxO Hangouts were born. Informal, friendly, targeted and 100% used as a primary source of what's happening within these verticals - by the very C-suite executives that created them

CxO Hangouts' Demographics Digital Marketing Solutions
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The 'Digital Roundtable': online, intimate, expert-led and to the heart of the matter

CxO Hangouts' Demographics Digital Marketing Solutions

The 'Digital Roundtable' is an innovative, expert-led, online meeting place for our emerging C-suite executives. Based on the recognition of the role they play in shaping the data, analytics and digital world, these informal online roundtables bring together leading experts far and wide. This is an opportunity for you take a seat at the 'table'.
Nothing gets you to the heart of your customer base better more effectively. Our reach across the emerging C-suite is second to none. We can develop a targeted group based on industry, region, topic etc and deliver them right to you.

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Lead generation through timely and insightful content creation

If you are not content marketing, then you are not marketing at all!

Corinium's core is content.  Our conference agendas have attracted over 20,000 global attendees to our events.  The researchers and analysts work closely with advisory boards, industry-leaders and influencers to ensure our content is timely, relevant and delivered to our audience through the various channels & publishing platforms we own.

Corinium Digital delivers a number of content focused platforms for you to access to the C-suite markets we work with. As well as the CxO Hangouts, we can create industry surveys, benchmarking reports, whitepapers, league tables etc. which can form part of an integrated digital marketing campaign for your company.

A perfect way for you to reach your customers.

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Delivering quality leads to you through effective email marketing

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At Corinium we pride ourselves on the quality and activity of our data.Boasting over 385,000 fully opted in and qualified leads across Analytics, Data, Digital, Customer Experience, Learning & Development we can devise and implement email campaigns to a targeted selection of our database.Whether you are looking to promote an insightful piece of content, service, webinar or event, we can manage the whole process for you through our dedicated Corinium Digital team.

High profile advertising opportunities that take full advantage of Corinium's brand equity

Get your message across by generating and hosting content on one of our CxO Hangouts, or simply take advantage of our numerous digital advertising opportunities.

For companies really looking to showcase their expertise, exclusive sponsorship of one of the CxO Hangouts delivers you right to the heart of that audience. Customised solutions exist involving complete branding and lead generation from content posted in the Hangout.

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Client Reviews & Testimonials

Performance Marketing Lead, IBM

Cortnie Abercrombie, IBM Analytics

''Never have we had a partner perform to 180% of their target. Excellent job Corinium. The quantity of leads and new business generated from the IBM Outthink Tour four tracks (Senior Execs from Marketing, Analytics, HR & Finance) will keep the sales teams happy for a long time!"
"Corinium has been absolutely wonderful to work with and there are two areas that compel me to continue doing business with them: 1) They do THE best job of recruiting the target audience of any event vendor I’ve encountered and 2) they are incredibly adaptable to changing situations."

Danielle Hilson, Marketing Manager, Clarity Insights

"As a client of Corinium, we were treated with the utmost dignity by the Corinium team...Clarity was very happy with the audience....and the opportunity to have further, in-depth discussions with C-level execs from large, target companies. The organizational efforts by Corinium for our presenter and presentation were efficient and smooth. We enjoyed their professionalism. "

Todd Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer, Waterline Data

“Corinium has provided the most qualified audience of any similar vendor. The people we spoke with were all decision makers with budget authority. The staff were fantastic and it was the most cost effective source of sales leads and opportunities I have attended in a very long time.”

Some of Our Clients

Corinium Digital | Building a community to continue engagement online for the IBM Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit
Veritas - Corinium Digital Partner
PwC - Corinium Digital Partner
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Clarity Solutions - Corinium Digital Partner
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