Corinium Digital | Building a community to continue engagement online for the IBM Chief Data Officer Strategy Summit

Working together with IBM on their Outhink Tour in both 2015 and 2016, Corinium delivered over 300 qualified, targeted attendees to over 15 events across North American cities as well over 1500 qualified leads.

PwC - Corinium Digital Partner

Corinium delivered an exclusive, invitation-only Financial Services Roundtable, bringing together 15 CDOs, CAOs and senior-level data leaders from commercial, retail and investment banking in New York City. The resulting content formed part of an integrated web campaign.


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Erwin were looking to extend their reach across the emerging Data and Analytics space. By hosting key content, authored by Erwin, on our CxO Hangouts and backing that up with web branding they felt that the platform delivers on their demand generation for the region

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As part of a multi event sponsorship across our Data and Customer portfolios, Verint chose to leverage our digital Hangout platforms and run an extensive demand generation programme across the region. The CxO Hangout Newsletter forms a key part of this strategy.

Cortnie Abercrombie, IBM Analytics

“Corinium has been absolutely wonderful to work with and there are two areas that compel me to continue doing business with them: 1) They do THE best job of recruiting the target audience of any event vendor I’ve encountered and 2) they are incredibly adaptable to changing situations.”

Clarity Solutions - Corinium Digital Partner

A long time sponsor of our CAO events in North America, Clarity were keen to follow up with key targeted leads through an effective content and e-marketing campaign, utilizing the strength of our database in the data and analytics world.

Veritas - Corinium Digital Partner

As part of their sponsorship of the CDAO Melbourne conference, Veritas hosted one of the informal discussion groups. From this in-depth and insightful discussion with some of Australia's leading and emerging Chief Data Officers, Corinium and Veritas created a joint summary of the discussion, which formed a key component of the web branding campaign which followed.

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Corinium delivered an exclusive, invitation-only series of Roundtable events in South Africa for Oracle. Key content was generated from these lively discussions with 15 CDO / CAOs in attendance, which was then used by Oracle in key marketing campaigns and promoted through the CxO Hangouts.

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Pivotal were keen to position themselves in front of Chief Digital and Chief Innovation Officers across the APAC region. We delivered an exclusively C-suite audience for them to address. The resulting content was then packaged and promoted jointly through an effective e-marketing and web branding campaign.