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Online, Invitation-Only, Digital Roundtables

The Digital Roundtable is an innovative, expert-led, online meeting place for our emerging C-suite executives.

Based on the recognition of the role they play in shaping the data, analytics and digital world, these informal online roundtables bring together leading experts far and wide.

This is an opportunity for you take a seat at the 'table' by sponsoring one of upcoming events.

Nothing gets you to the heart of your customer base more effectively. Our reach across the emerging C-suite is second to none. We can develop a targeted group based on industry, region, topic and deliver them right to you.

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What is the Digital Roundtable?

Our C-suite participants sit via webcam at a ‘digital roundtable’ with up to 15 colleagues together with a 'Discussion Chair', the idea of the small group being to encourage inquiry and discussion. The intimate interaction between the Discussion Chair (and possible Co-Chairs) and the small number of attendees is a key feature that makes The Digital Roundtable a unique and much-valued initiative.

Each group is dedicated to the topic of greatest importance to the participants and includes the most knowledgeable people on the subject. After our Discussion Chair initiates the discussion, you are invited to offer your own experiences or questions, sparking a free-flowing and open conversation in which 100% of the participants always contribute. 

The Digital Roundtable will recruit the Discussion Chair and all participants.

How does the Digital Roundtable work?

A maximum of 15 participants can join the Digital Roundtable from home, the office, or even group events. This small-group educational experience fosters genuine interactivity and maximises participant engagement with the Discussion Chair. The hour-long session gives ample time for discussion and exploration of the key issues. Technical support is included in each session and simultaneous translation is available, if required.

  1. Corinium Digital work with you to determine your target audience by demographic. We will also talk to you about key challenges your target market are facing right now in their roles, leading to a short list of timely topics to base the discussion around.

  2. After determining the date of the event, we will start recruiting the key participants, keeping you posted every step of the way. For each participant, you will be provide with full contact details and background information prior to the event.

  3. Once all participants are confirmed, Corinium Digital will liaise with all, covering time, date and technical requirements for the event.

  4. Corinum Digital liaises with your chosen Discussion Chair (And possible Co-Chairs) to ensure successful event execution.

  5. The event takes place with technical support from Corinium Digital with simultaneous translation if needed.

  6. Corinium Digital will collate all feedback from the events including evaluations and surveys, which we encourage to be used to develop a key content piece to be jointly promoted between your company and Corinium Digital.

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