Joshua Encarnacion

Joshua Encarnacion

Job Title: Learning and Development Manager

Company: Uber

Creating effective trainings, learning experiences, support tools and partnerships which enable software engineers to grow their tech skill set, build robust software, work smarter and be better leaders.

Speaking at the following:

Discussion Group 4B: Learning from the start-ups

What can we learn from some of today’s most disruptive start-ups? How to drive L&D on a small budget. The importance of culture and employee engagement from the start.

4:45pm - 5:15pm
Keynote Presentation: How to use coaching for unlocking potential

Walk away with a science-based tool which’ll help you increase employee engagement and foster a high trust & performance culture. Learn about a start-up which grew revenue from 30k to $3 million in 2 years by committing to the growth, learning, and development of job seeking software engineers. Understand how “coaching” moves people from fear… Read more.