Are you ready for the year of employee engagement?

Each new year brings inspiration and motivation to change, some may be personal, some may be professional and sometimes, it is both. One thing for sure is 2018 will be the year organizations change employee engagement so that it becomes a strategic priority. There’s so much research that proves the correlation between engaged employees and… Read more.

Proven techniques to bridge the generational gap in today’s corporations

  “We have also instituted elements into our courses that mirror some of the traditional teaching tools which help bridge the gap between traditional teaching and learning and current technologies.  There are several discrete components to our learning system and I will be elaborating on them when I speak on March 7/8 at the Chief… Read more.

How the Evolution of Learning & Development Transformed the role of Chief Learning Officers (CLO)

  After months of research with over 50 Chief Learning Officers (CLOs) and de facto Learning & Development (L&D) executives in preparation for Corinium’s Chief Learning Officer Forum USA, I found that the fundamental principles of L&D have not changed substantially since their implementation nearly 20 years ago. However, these exceptional leaders are constantly looking… Read more.