Anshul Srivastav

Anshul Srivastav

Job Title: Chief Information & Digital Officer

Company: Union Insurance

Leader with major operating tenets as driving technology transformation through thought leadership, innovation, analytics & delivering value to stakeholders.

Anshul is a global technology leader who has been instrumental in driving technology transformations for businesses in the range of to multi Billion USD as revenues. He has been key player at organizations which have been on an average 30% growth year on year in a career spanning almost two decades .
Experience has been around taking up strategic technology initiatives, architecting, delivering and managing it at an enterprise level.

Anshul has several notable career accomplishments, wherein he has led, created and launched the key ecommerce, mobile and business intelligence initiatives for world’s #1 insurance brand AXA in the fastest growing emerging markets of Asia
Currently in a leadership role as Chief Information Officer Information Technology and Digital Officer, leading the IT Strategy, Technology Transformations, Analytics, software delivery, architecture and Cloud for Union Insurance (UAE and Oman) across all lines of Business (Life, General (P&C) and Health Insurance) Creating and Driving big strategic Initiatives aligning through IT transformation to deliver business value.

Transformational leader and Senior Management IT professional, with almost two decade of experience spreading across multiple geographies (US, Europe,South East Asia and Middle East). Anshul has built & led local, regional, and global teams across 3 continents. Anshul writes on Innovation, Big Data and Transformations and couple of articles are published in CNME, Data quest and PM Network.

Speaking at the following:

09:15 - 09:45
CIO as Chief Digital Officer

Can a CIO perform the role of a Chief Digital Officer? Good CIOs (should) have been doing this all along – bringing technology and business together Does the CIO eventually absorb the CDigO, or do the roles remain exclusive and evolve separately What does the future CIO look like: agile, digital, competitive, delivering value

09:45 - 10:15
Panel discussion: How are CIOs leading digital transformation

• Is it all about IT infrastructure? What about the data? • How do you motivate teams to improve internal processes and external customer experience? • Can you work hand-in-hand with data and marketing teams? • Where does leadership come in, and who is responsible for outcomes?

19:00 - 21:00
Connected Think {Tank} A: What does the digitisation journey look like

Where do you start? Who is responsible? Who takes the glory? How do you merge internal and external processes How does information flow back to the Exco, and what does it look like Do you need a CDigO to make transformational change? A Corinium Connected Think{Tank} is the perfect opportunity to connect with peers, share… Read more.