Chief Digital Officer Africa day one begins with insightful, different and inspiring use case presentations. Delegates have the opportunity to listen to how different organisations apply data analytics/science in different ways for business success.

The afternoon tracks feature our Discussion Groups which allow you to get involved in the agenda, ask your questions and add your opinions. These sessions ensure you leave the conference with full value from your participation.

For information on speaking, please email [email protected]

09:15- 09:45

The role of the Chief Digital Officer

What does it mean to bring “digital” to the heart of the organisation’s strategy Adapt, disrupt, transform, disappear… Ensuring change is customer-centric and business minded Converting digital transformation strategies from the boardroom to the reality

Herman Singh
Group Chief Digital Officer - MTN Group

09:45 - 10:15

Case Study – Digital Transformation at Vodacom

Where did we start and what were our objectives? Bringing the key stakeholders on board to effect change Use cases to share and benefits derived Lessons learnt Where to from here – taking it to the next level

Jaydev Chiba
Former Group Chief Information
Officer - Vodacom

10:15- 10:45

The career path of a Chief Digital Officer

Where it all began Is there a single definition of a Chief Digital Officer Moving from financial services to the industrial sector What happens next?

Jamie Whittaker
Global Chief Digital Officer - Barloworld Equipment

10:45- 11:15

Morning Coffee

11:15- 11:45

Case Study – the digitisation journey at OUTsurance

• Where to start with the South African business • Lessons learned from Australia • What does “digitisation” actually look like • Meeting current challenges and setting new objectives

Matt Cole
Chief Technology Officer - OUTsurance

11:45 - 12:15

The rise of the CDO

The rise of the CDO is a by-product of a rapidly changing digital landscape, where the operational technology world is merging with the internet technology world. While exponential technology is driving this convergence, the challenges CDO’s face extend beyond technology into governance, overlapping mandates and rapidly changing business model dynamics. How can the modern day… Read more.

Gareth Rees
Head of Global Partnerships - IoT.nxt

12:15- 13:00

Panel discussion: Building a culture of constant change and innovation

Culture is the operating system of an organisation – if its good you will thrive How to take “smart” risks often Break down silos, build up teams Involvement, cooperation, collaboration and feedback enable a constant flow of positive change; but when to put a pin in it?

Francois Joubert
Chief Digital Officer - PSG Konsult
James Scott
Chief Digital Officer - Wholesale - Barclays Africa

13:00- 14:00


Discussion Group A: Disruptive Technologies

14:00- 14:45

A1: Artificial Intelligence 101

AI is a rocket; data is the fuel and the algorithm the engine Automation does not equal innovation, but it can help How to prepare for the adverse impact of AI AI increases productivity, not unemployment

Christiaan van der Walt
Chief Technology Officer - MyBucks

14:45- 15:30

A2: Fintech innovation: from disruptive payments to blockchain

• Where Fintech disruption has lead to real innovation • How can we take the philosophy of “banking the unbanked” and apply it to other industries • A uniform definition of blockchain that we can all understand • How can a 100 year old business compete with a digital native organisation • Why is blockchain… Read more.

Ya’eesh Cader
Head of Digital & Direct - Sanlam Investments

Discussion Group B: Data & Analytics & the Modern Workplace

14:00- 14:45

B1: Moving from Big Data to Smart Data

Educating employees on how to interpret and exploit data How do you make big data analytics accessible to all Being ‘data-aware’ and making data more actionable Simplifying data acquisition, analytics, deployment and assessment : creating a feedback loop with real value

Vuyo Mpako
Chief Digital & Data Officer - Old Mutual Emerging Markets
Oscar Stark
Divisional Director: Digital Transformation - Liberty Group

16:00- 16:45

B2: Working in the digital age

How do you create a transformative culture that drives innovation Enabling teams who are quick to test ideas, but find solutions Mobile enablement of the workforce What will the workplace look like in 2025?

Ravinash Guiness
Manager: HR Digital Solutions & Change - Old Mutual Insure

15:30- 16:00

Afternoon Coffee

16:00 - 16:30

The future of mobility


17:30- 19:30

Cocktail Reception

19:00 - 21:00

Connected Think {Tank} A: What does the digitisation journey look like

Where do you start? Who is responsible? Who takes the glory? How do you merge internal and external processes How does information flow back to the Exco, and what does it look like Do you need a CDigO to make transformational change? A Corinium Connected Think{Tank} is the perfect opportunity to connect with peers, share… Read more.

Anshul Srivastav
Chief Information & Digital Officer - Union Insurance

19:00- 21:00

SAP Dinner Masterclass: Redefining Agility

Redefining Agility In four hours, are you able to identify a profitable new customer segment, come up with a new way to serve it and deploy your new value proposition to the market? Your competitors can. When the world operates in real-time, how do you get ahead of the curve? Advanced analytics, intelligent systems and… Read more.

Simon Carpenter
Chief Technology Advisor - SAP
Darrel Orsmond
Industry Head: Financial Services - SAP