Digital transformation is greater than a technology shift, it is a cultural paradigm that enables agility and adaptability in an ever-changing world.

The Chief Digital Officer Africa 2018 conference launched the region's only meeting place for Chief Digital Officers and digital professionals who are enthusiastically navigating the digital transformation journey within their organisations. The 2018 forum gave senior leaders from multiple industries the opportunity to discuss their digital transformation programmes, back office optimisation and customer experience initiatives.  Discussion also focused on organisational structures, leadership and the intricate reality of the transitional and transformative role of the Chief Digital Officer.

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Questions we asked in 2018: What does digital transformation mean to you and your organisation? Who is leading the digital transformation agenda? How are you being enabled and who covers the cost?

It is said that the global economy is in the fourth industrial revolution - the Digital (R)evolution - but what exactly does that mean for Africa? The continent is a leader in disruptive technologies where "digital disruption" was in fact necessity. Enabled by mobile technology, African businesses are adept at finding innovative ways to interact with customers and improve internal processes. One can no longer sit back and accept the tried and tested. Soon you will be left behind.

However, executives in a number of organisations are still demanding proof that customer centric and digital transformation programmes deliver significant measurable ROI. How does one drive a paradigm shift that will ultimately change the entirety of the business without necessarily directly impacting the bottom line?

To help with this discussion, we are pulling together Chief Digital Officers and heads of digital together to brainstorm ideas in an objective and interactive environment. These discussions will not only bring a sense of fellowship, also deliver insight and give some clarity for the path ahead.

What was discussed at Chief Digital Officer Africa 2018:

The role of the CDigO: What is the mandate of the CDigO? How long will this position exist? How would you measure success? 

Optimisation vs Transformation: Is upgrading and automating IT systems enough? What does digital transformation mean to your organisation?

AI/Machine Learning/RPA: The role of AI, Machine Learning and RPA in leading digital disruption. Creating intelligent systems that interact with customers and employees. 

Customer centric culture: Is the purpose of going digital to better serve the client only? Why should internal processes be adjusted first, and why your UX should be the least of your priorities. 

Employee value and retention: Is it possible to minimise job losses and upskill your employees through digital transformation? How can you avert a job loss crisis while bringing your business into the 21st century. 

What topics and discussions do you want to cover in 2019? Get in touch and let us know.

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Why Chief Digital Officer Africa 2019 is the ideal platform for your business?

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Concurrent Sessions

Chief Digital Officer Africa will feature a series of concurrent sessions. Every organisation is at a different point on their unique digital journey, so it helps to explore aspects of the digital transformation landscape based on your current situation. Tailor your own agenda and attend sessions specific to your learning needs.

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Interactive Discussion Format

Chief Digital Officer Africa is a forum designed for thought-provoking discussion and debate. Digital transformation best practices? Shared lessons learned from technology implementations? Join one of our thought provoking think tanks and panel discussions to find out what the best minds in the industry think and do.  

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Solution Providers

Chief Digital Officer Africa is a forum for decision makers and influencers mandated to carry out digital disruption projects in their respective organisations. This provides a prime opportunity to showcase your innovative products and services. Find out more about thought leadership, branding or business development opportunities.

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What people have said about Chief Digital Officer Africa:

"Well done for a well-organised event with a solid set of attendees. We were very pleased to be part of it."

Nick Orton, CEO, Grapevine Group

"The Chief Digital Officer Africa conference was great. It was really good to talk to and learn from like-minded people who share the same challenges. I highly recommend attending the conference if you are in any way involved in digital, IT or innovation. You guys did a great job. Looking forward to being involved again in future."

Carl Thomen, Head of Digital, Old Mutual Finance Innovation

"This was an amazing opportunity to collaborate with professionals on digital across multiple industries and practices. It is refreshing to experience the extensive knowledge we have in our country and to see ground-breaking innovative digital related work being done in so many successful companies. Thanks to the organisers and the sponsors of the event. A job well done!"

Johann Marx, Chief Enterprise Architect, Digital Transformation Lead, Eskom

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