Robin Thottungal

Robin Thottungal

Job Title: Chief Data Scientist

Company: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (subject to agency approval)

– Leading the Data Analytics effort of 15,000+ member agency through providing strategic vision, program development, evangelizing value of data driven decision making, bringing lean-start up approach to public sector & building advanced data analytics platform capable of real-time/batch analysis.

-Serving as Chief data scientist for the agency, including directing, coordinating and overseeing the division’s leadership of EPA’s multi­media data analytics, visualization, and predictive analysis work along with related tools, application development and services.

-Develop and oversee the implementation of Agency policy on integration analysis of environmental data, including multi­media analysis and assessments of environmental quality, status, and trends.

-Develop, market, and implement tactical and strategic plans for the Agency’s data management, advanced data analytics, and predictive analysis work.

-Lead cross­federal, state, tribal and local government data partnerships as well as information partnerships with other entities.

Speaking at the following:

11:30am - 12:00pm
Demystifying the Black Box Problem – Gaining Stakeholders’ Trust

Transparency is key to stakeholders and impossible to give in a black box environment: what are our options? Do ‘pseudo-explanations’ help or hinder the trust process? Stakeholders aren’t data scientists – how do you develop storytelling skills for somethings as complex as Deep Learning? How can we engage with stakeholders in a diplomatic, clear, and… Read more.