Keynote Presentation: Performance Enhancing Development in Data Science Organizations: Tips to Improve Productivity, Efficiency, and Results

Time: 11.30am - 12.00pm
On: Main Conference: Day 1 - 29/11/2017

  • Effectively running a data science organization takes more than the knowledge of generative adversarial networks or knowing the ins and outs of Spark. For data science organizations to run successfully, they must have efficient relationships throughout the organization, utilize well-integrated systems/tools, and be constantly finding ways to increase efficiency, productivity, and results.
  • The data science workforce is one of the most in demand and mobile work forces at the current time. Your ability to harness their creativity, passion, and technical skills in a coordinated fashion can make the difference between success and failure of your organization in the new information economy. The role of chief data scientist puts you at the center of deriving value for the organization with some of the most sought after and precious resources in the organization.
  • This presentation will focus on how efficiency can be improved in pre-modeling stages, productivity increased in the modeling stages, and value enhanced to the organization in post-modeling stages.