Main Conference: Day 2


9.15am- 9.30am

Chair’s Opening Remarks

9.30am- 10.00am

Keynote Presentation: Delivering Business Value through Data Science – Ensuring you Have Meaningful Impact on your Organization

Ensuring that value is at the heart of your data strategy – How can data and analytics be utilized to create new business models and revenue sources? Data as a source of innovation – utilizing science to out-compete your opponents Demonstrating value – measuring and communicating the ROI of your data science program

10.00am- 10.30am

Keynote Presentation: Disrupting the Market – Demand for Data Science in the Coming Years

Understand the shift towards mission related goals. Learn how to stay relevant to hot hiring markets. Identify Applications for data science in new industries.

10.30am- 11.00am

Panel Discussion: Using Data Science to Optimise Business Process, Boost Revenue, and Better Compete

Sourcing the right tool for the right trial. Identifying trending patterns as a source of innovation. Acknowledging relationship awareness as a driver for successful outcomes.

11.30am- 12.15pm

Discussion Group 3A: Blurred lines? Positioning the CDS in the executive structure

What impact does the reporting line of a CDS have on the role? To achieve the greatest success, should a CDS report to the CEO, CMO, CIO, or elsewhere? Are we seeing a convergence as to where CDSs should report, or do different organizational needs produce different optimal structures?

11.30am- 12.15pm

Discussion Group 3B: Building on Strong Foundations – Creating Cohesive Data Platforms & Infrastructure

Ensuring that your data infrastructure stack is stable, reliable, and scalable When to build a unique solution, and when to adopt an existing solution? Successfully partnering with Data Engineers to achieve the best possible outcomes. Up in the air – to Cloud, or not to Cloud?

12.15pm- 1.00pm

Discussion Group 4A: Recruitment & Retention – Securing Top Talent to Supercharge Team

Overcoming the Skills Shortage by understanding attraction – what is the key to making yourdata team appealing to potential hires? Exploring approaches to developing your current team – how should we train and advance our staff to best ensure mutual benefit? What is the key to retaining your data rockstars, when top talent is so… Read more.

12.15pm- 1.00pm

Discussion Group 4B: Using Unstructured Data to Improve High Volume Predictions and Decisions

Creating transparency through incorporating textual analysis. Utilizing “more data” to make better decisions – avoiding simply expanding the haystack. Improve high volume decisions with your tool bag.

2.00pm- 2.30pm

Keynote Presentation: Exploiting the Explosion of Data Sources

How should an organization approach incorporating new sources of data into their data sets? Demonstrating the business value of novel data sources What the increase in data variety means for you & your data science programs.

2.30pm- 3.00pm

Keynote Presentation: Spare the Gory Details – Making Data Science Understandable For All

How can you overcome your audiences’ barriers to understanding? A picture is worth a thousand words – the role of visualization. Communicating results, predictions, and responses, rather than methods, tools, and technology.

3.30pm- 4.00pm

Keynote Presentation: Leading and Realizing Organizational Change

Approaches for successfully enabling and implementing change within your business – creating a compelling case for change and overcoming resistance Creating a compelling case for change – getting the urgency, buy-in and commitment you need. Ensuring long term change – minimizing disruption, maximizing performance, and embedding the transition.

4.00pm- 4.30pm

Panel Discussion: Right Here, Right Now – Real Time Data Science

What tools and technologies are required in order to implement real-time decisioning? Examining the potential applications for real-time automated decision making – are they viable? Are additional data governance processes required to make real-time decisioning work?

4.30pm- 4.45pm

Chair’s Closing Remarks