CDO Europe 2017 – Testimonials

“A symposium of kindred spirits, with a good spread of industries represented and abundance of experienced practitioners. The agenda has been impeccably researched organised and managed by the Corinium team, and I have particularly enjoyed the discussion group format, which, in my opinion, produced some fascinating insights in how many ways the data challenge is tackled”.

Roberto Maranca, Chief Data Officer, GE Capital

“CDO Europe 2017 provided an excellent opportunity for debate, learning and insight across both the wider and financial services focused CDO community.  It clearly recognised that the CDO role is different across institutions and reflects companies maturity on the data journey a “road with no end” but a clear purpose.  The conference solidified my view of data as a disrupter but also confirmed that if it is not appropriately controlled and governed it will undermine trust.  The CDO will have to hold innovation and analytic advances in tension with governance and control to be successful and above all communicate both effectively to the rest of the institutions they support.”

Richard Ellison, Former Deputy CFO & Chief Officer, Formerly Clydesdale Bank

“CDO Europe 2017 has been an interesting event with high quality content and a good opportunity to listen to well qualified point of views from various industry experts.

CDO Europe 2017 has been very useful, it gave me the opportunity to network with peers and exchange ideas and best practice about the hot topics.”

Alessandro Bulfone, Chief Data Officer, Mediabanca

“It was a pleasure to be part of such an informative event and was able to hear different perspectives from the audience and speakers on variety of topics in the Data function and also understand how the CDO role has matured over the years. The topics were very relevant to the day and especially the focus on GDPR helped me to think more on an area which is not widely discussed or fancied but critical for any business”

Brijesh Balakrishnan, Chief Data Officer, Mesh (The Experience Agency)

“I do have to say, I was impressed with the way the CDO Europe event was run, the speakers were first class, the agenda relevant and well curated and the audience large and of good quality. I will come again next year.”

Tony Gosling, Chief Data Officer, Defence Infrastructure Organisation, UK MoD

“This event was informative with the presenters really knowing their stuff! Took away some great information and ideas. Cam away feeling really motivated about data! It was great to meet some CDO’s who were really passionate about their roles. The conference had a friendly yet professional feel.”

Lesley Roe, Data Protection Officer, The Institute of Engineering & Technology (The IET)

“The CDO conference was insightful, smooth, with great opportunities to meet SME in data management from different industries, and provided easy access to vendors. The “data community” Corinium is building will surely last for years to come, keep up the great work!”

Jean Ruiz, Head Business Intelligence, Industry Data, International Air Transport Association

“Great event! Great range of speakers from CDO 1.0, 2.0 and some 0.0! Seemed to go like clockwork. Chair was very good at keeping to time, providing relevant input and controlling room. Good range of sponsors – big & niche. Next time I hope to move on from where does CDO fit and perhaps discuss what have they delivered? There should be plenty of us at the 2nd anniversary!”

Graeme McDermott, Chief Data Officer, Addison Lee

“I found the conference had a  very impressive line-up of true experts that spoke with true insights about the challenges of a CDO. Would definitely attend again if given the chance.”

Christian Wiese Svanberg, Head of Data Protection Unit (Chief Privacy Officer), Danish National Police

“I really enjoyed my time at CDO Europe 2017, there was a great line up of speakers who covered some really interesting subjects. The presentations were great at highlighting ways of progressing or raising a topic that needed further consideration however the workshop sessions were incredibly useful. They were perhaps the most useful aspect of the days, the ability to talk to other data leaders on the problems they were facing and the solutions they had come up with centred about a topic that you chose to participate in.”

Caroline Carruthers, Chief Data Officer, Network Rail