Norman Stuertz

Norman Stuertz

Job Title: Divisional Chief Data Officer

Company: Credit Suisse

Norman Stürtz started his career with JPMorgan in Frankfurt and London, where he gained experience in the short term securities, treasury and foreign exchange business in mid- and front-office roles.

Norman continued his career in consulting with BearingPoint and Capgemini and projects in London, Munich, Madrid and Vienna on topics in asset management, selection of software and service providers as well as optimizing operational cost structures. Since 2007 Norman Stürtz is with Credit Suisse, where he lead IT units as Head Of Application Development and was Chief Of Staff for IT in Switzerland. His current role is now as Chief Data Officer for the Swiss Division. Norman is father of four children, happily married and rooted in the Christian faith. When it comes to other things in life, he enjoys being together with family and good friends. For both he finds the opportunity either in skiing or sailing.


Speaking at the following:

12.30pm - 1.00pm
Panel Presentation: A Roadmap to Demonstrating True Value to Your Business – Are You on the Right Track?

How do you quantify your success? How can you prove your ROI? What metrics and approaches can you use? Making the analytics accessible; how to quantify operational efficiencies and tying this back to value