Nirali Patel

Nirali Patel

Job Title: Chief Data Officer

Company: AXA PPP Healthcare


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Speaking at the following:

2.45pm - 3.30pm
Discussion Group 2B. Implementing a Rigorous Data Governance Framework Considering Access, Usage whilst Empowering Creative Minds

• What’s the ideal team structure? For now and the future? • Unique traits in successful teams • Is it all Data Quality, Quality, Quality?

11.30am - 12.15pm
Discussion Group 3B: The Implications of GDPR – a Fundamental Shift In The Way Organisation’s View Privacy and Data Innovation

• Mapping the evolution of data privacy in light of the GDPR. • Evaluating the impact of the GDPR on data and privacy executives and the importance of legal education in order to achieve effective regulatory compliance. • Examining the public relations aspect as we professionalise data innovation and privacy.