Lucas Quarta

Lucas Quarta

Job Title: Chief Data Officer

Company: BNP Paribas Personal Investors


– PhD in Mathematics and researcher in Maths until 2007
– Head of IT ALM & Treasury and Basel III Program Director for BNPP Fortis until mid 2012
– Program Director for a huge BNPP Group wide Securities Handling program until mid-2015
– Data Management Program Director for BNPP Domestic Markets entities until end of 2016
– Chief Data & Analytics Officer of BNPP Personal Investors since beginning of 2017

Speaking at the following:

4.50pm - 5.20pm
Fireside Chat: Chair’s Interview: The First Year as a CDAO

• How did you establish the case for change? • Setting a clear destination: where are you against this goal you set a year ago? • Looking back: what would you tell yourself a year ago?