Karin Immenroth

Chief Data and analytics officer Karin Immenroth

Karin Immenroth

Job Title: Chief Analytics Officer

Company: Wavemaker

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karin-immenroth-0a97746a/

Karin Immenroth has been with MEC since 2011 and is Head of Analytics & Insight as Chief Analytics Officer with almost 55 employees. The top maxim of the MEC Research Dept. Analytics & Insight is to make a direct contribution to the campaign success of the agency customers through figures, data and facts.

Speaking at the following:

12.20pm - 12.50pm
Panel Discussion: Where is Your Focus? Long Term Strategy Vs. Short Term Tactics

• How are your short term wins helping to establish credibility • How to set up your short term wins to build a strategy for long term strategy and gains • Identifying the low hanging fruit, to capitalise on these easy gains