Graeme McDermott

Graeme McDermott

Job Title: Chief Data Officer

Company: Addison Lee



I left University with a degree in a bizarre subject called Actuarial Science and entered the dark world of very grey people who worked every hour god sent and did numbers for breakfast, lunch & dinner. I got into writing algorithms behind Insurance company systems for surrender values, car insurance premiums and mortgage indemnity (remember the 80’s property boom bust).


After 7 years of trying to finish the intolerable exams I gave up and found I could make a good living working with data and MI systems. I loved the behind the scenes complexity with simplistic front ends for my fellow Actuarial users.


After an Aviva takeover in 1999 I headed to the AA to finish their product warehouse off and lead the exploitation team, only for my boss to leave shortly after and leave me in total charge.


After a few years I was approached to set up an internal marketing analytics team and work with the central function running the warehouse. After 3 years I assumed total charge as we headed away from our parent company Centrica, and the rest they say is history.


Following a further change of ownership in 2014 and increasing importance of data I took on the role as Data & Insight Director. During the final 2years at the AA I led the business involvement in the Business Process Management and CRM system purchase of Pega and led the phase0 implementation of an operational SCV.


After 17 years and 5 changes of AA ownership I decided to move totally outside my comfort zone, industry and location. In May 2016 I took on the role as Chief Data Officer at Addison Lee to help transform their data, MI and analytics function.

18 months into that journey, as data is never finished, I am enjoying seeing the fruits of my data labour whilst also setting the strategy for the next 12months as Addison Lee grows globally and modernises its platform and processes.






Speaking at the following:

3.45pm - 5.45pm
Masterclass A: Data Analytics Talent: How to Attract, Hire and Retain the Very Best Talent

The demand for data and analytics professionals is growing at a vast rate. The challenges surrounding the identification, recruitment and training of top talent has by no means been solved. So how do we ensure we get the best talent out there? Join this masterclass to address key issues such as: • In a hyper… Read more.

4.30pm - 5.00pm
Panel Discussion: Data Talent Investing for the Future: Aspirational Partnerships to Ensure the Gold Rush of Talent is on its way

Creating the data and analytics team of the future. What skills will be needed in the analytics team of the future? Will Data scientists still exist? Will there need to be a dedicated team or should data and analytics be embedded throughout the business?