Ben Dias

Ben Dias

Job Title: Head of Advanced Analytics and Data Science

Company: Royal Mail

Ben Dias joined Royal Mail as their first Head of Data Science in January 2017, where he has spent the majority of his fist year recruiting and setting up an internal Data Science team from scratch. Previously having worked at Tesco and Unilever, he has over 10 years’ industry experience in solving real-world problem in an industry setting. More recently, Ben has focussed on building and leading Data Science teams and applying the Lean Start-Up approach to Data Science within large organizations. He is experienced in setting up and managing industrial research collaborations with academic and business partners. He is also actively engaged with the UK Mathematics community and very enthusiastic about inspiring the next generation of Mathematicians and Data Scientists. Ben holds a PhD in Computer Vision and an MSci in Mathematics and Astronomy, both from UCL.”

Speaking at the following:

2.00pm - 2.45pm
Discussion Group 3C: Crème e la Crème – Retaining Top Data and Analytics Talent: The Big Challenge, The Big Problem

Examining the key concerns and drivers for job mobility within the data and analytics space. Benefits of internal restructuring and retaining: Do you hire externally or promote internally? Training individuals to be analytically minded and apply knowledge in an analytical environment

2.45pm - 3.30pm
Discussion Group 4C: The Data and Analytics Talent of the Present and Future: Challenges and Opportunities

• What skill sets are needed within the modern analytics team? • Discussing the importance of critical and creative thinking as well as business knowledge. • What skills will be of the highest importance for future analytics teams and how should the industry prepare for this? • You don’t need a data scientist any more… Read more.

4.30pm - 5.00pm
Panel Discussion: Data Talent Investing for the Future: Aspirational Partnerships to Ensure the Gold Rush of Talent is on its way

Creating the data and analytics team of the future. What skills will be needed in the analytics team of the future? Will Data scientists still exist? Will there need to be a dedicated team or should data and analytics be embedded throughout the business?

12.30pm - 1.00pm
Panel Presentation: A Roadmap to Demonstrating True Value to Your Business – Are You on the Right Track?

How do you quantify your success? How can you prove your ROI? What metrics and approaches can you use? Making the analytics accessible; how to quantify operational efficiencies and tying this back to value