Anwar Mirza

Anwar Mirza TNT Chief data and analytics officer

Anwar Mirza

Job Title: Global Head of Data Governance

Company: TNT


– A recognised global authority on the subject of Data Governance and Information Management, Anwar Mirza is a regular keynote speaker at global events in multi-industry disciplines such as Legal, Financial Services, IT, Shared Services, HR, Finance, Business Process Management etc. He has developed his own specific Data Governance framework and a unique business case approach that has been globally acknowledged in numerous public forums. This arguably positions‘Data’ as a tangible component in top line Revenues and bottom line Profits. He presents insightful, humourous but challenging questions in his sessions and then proposes practical solutions to the very same issues.
With over 29 years of service at TNT, Anwar’s numerous senior positions in inancial management at TNT have given him varied insights from a cross-functional business and IT perspective.He has a proven track record in Functional Management, global project delivery, controlling core business processes, managing large teams, implementing applications and technology.
Anwar is an advisor to many multi-national companies and consulting firms on the subject of Data Governance, Master Data Management & Information Management.
He dedicates his own time to the community by lecturing at University level with the aim of merging real-life experiences with practical academic content.

Speaking at the following:

2.00pm - 2.45pm
Discussion Group 3A: Enabling Your Organisation’s Digital Transforming Journey – Where does the Chief Data Analytics Officer sit within Your Picture?

• Data Transformation as a foundation for Digital Transformation – becoming data-driven as a basis on which to transform your business model. • How can your data program support wider transformation within your organisation? • Positioning the CDAO as a vital partner for success – what relationships do we need to build in order to… Read more.

9.00am - 9.30am
Keynote Presentation: The Value of Data – A Tangible Component in Revenue and Profitability

• Modifying your Data Governance strategy as an end-to-end business driven journey. • Partnering with the entire organisation and embedding Data Controls into core Business Processes. • Using cross-functional processes to make data and data quality a tangible component of revenue and profitability.