Alessandro Bulfone

Alessandro Bulfone

Job Title: Group Chief Data Officer

Company: Mediobanca


Alessandro Bulfone is the Group Chief Data Officer for Mediobanca. Since January 2016, his mission has been to design and drive Group’s data management framework in terms of governance, organizational structure and key process standards contributing to designing an effective data quality model, outlining the process, types of controls and the key quality indicators required to measure data quality.

He joined Mediobanca in 2007 to strengthen controls in the Financial Markets area assuring compliance with internal and external auditors and regulators. He contributed to various policy definition including Fair Value, Prudent Value and Independent Price Verification. From 2014 he was head of the Financial Control team.

Prior to joining Mediobanca, Alessandro Bulfone worked for Banca IMI in the Risk Management area, focusing on market risk controls and performance and risk reporting. Other previous experiences include working as an IT consultant for Banca Intesa, dealing with foreign subsidiaries.

He holds a master’s degree in Physics and a post graduate master in Quantitative Finance both from Milan University.

Speaking at the following:

1.50pm - 2.35pm
Discussion Group 1A: Unifying Your Workforce with a Clear Data Analytics Communication Strategy

Laying out an effective strategy to begin with. Speaking in a language that works for the whole workforce. Understanding the drivers of the workforce to get the best results.