GDPR Focus Day


9.00am- 9.15am

Chair’s Opening Remarks

9.15am- 9.45am

Keynote Presentation: The Implications of GDPR – a Fundamental Shift In The Way Organisation’s View Privacy and Data Innovation

Mapping the evolution of data privacy and technology. Shedding light on the context for which GDPR was created and subsequent successes and failures. Evaluating the impact of the GDPR on data and privacy executives and the importance of legal education in order to achieve effective regulatory compliance. Examining the public relations aspect as we professionalise… Read more.

9.45am- 10.15am

Keynote Address: General Data Protection Regulation – Threat, Opportunity, or …?

GDPR impacts every business interacting with European Union residents information and has truly global implications. GDPR is not an IT compliance exercise, it is a business issue. If approached correctly, GDPR will enable organisations to become truly customer centric and build consumer trust. But in a recent study over half of all the companies affected… Read more.

10.15am- 10.45am

Keynote Presentation: Enhancing Privacy Through New Business Models to Unlock the Social and Economic Value of Personal Data

Evaluating why the CDO, CMO and not just the CPO, are going to be key players in how successful we can respond to the GDPR. Examining disruptive business models and strategies being explored to provide personal control of personal data whilst protecting privacy. Reviewing the role of technology as both a threat to, and as… Read more.

10.45am- 11.15am

Panel Discussion: Where Does the Predominant Responsibility of the GDPR Lie?

Reviewing the personal data management supply chain and defining the role of specific functions in compliance. Assessing best practice on implementing GDPR compliance with a heavy focus on relationships held between the CEO/CISO/CPO/CDO/CAO/DPO. Understanding the different challenges in building grass-roots support versus executive leadership to unify your journey to GDPR compliance.

11.45am- 12.15am

Keynote Presentation: How to Implement the GDPR in a Multinational Company

A short case study how to successfully set up such a project. Main GDPR topics which need to be addressed. Guidance on international data transfers.

12.15pm- 12.45pm

Keynote Presentation: GDPR Privacy By Design Requirements – Getting Your Data Governance Practices Right From The Start

Examining the new GDPR rules around ‘Privacy by Design’. Presenting the challenges, things you need to consider and possible ways to address them. Deciphering organisational structure, key stakeholders and cultural factors in achieving succinct compliance.

12.45pm- 1.15pm

Panel Discussion: Evaluating the Renewed Important of Data Governance Managing Data Protection and Cyber Risk

Identify and classify your data! Perspectives into implementing strict classification to protect the most valuable and sensitive data sources. Best practice in data access, ownership and governance to prioritise your security control objectives for these information assets as a function of risk, audit, and compliance requirements. Establish consistent policies as part of an overarching approach… Read more.

1.15pm- 2.15pm

Buffet Lunch & Networking

2.15pm- 2.45pm

Keynote Presentation: Case Study – Maturing Data Privacy at John Lewis’s and Journey to GDPR Compliance

Insights into the expectations of today’s modern day consumer as it pertains to brand transparency and how you integrate this into providing seamless omni-channel digital experiences. Discussing the growing development of data privacy in John Lewis as a business issue and strategic vision for compliance with data protection laws and regulations – specifically GDPR. Getting… Read more.

2.45pm- 3.15pm

Keynote Presentation: Implementing the GDPR & Leveraging Privacy as a Competitive Advantage

Data is a critical asset – discussing the function of data protection against the background of the GDPR. Strategies for implementing the GDPR in a global acting company. Reviewing the business case for data protection and the opportunities to leverage data protection as a competitive differentiator.

4.15pm- 4.45pm

Panel Discussion: Rethinking Data Protection, Digital Ethics and The Enormous Opportunities Presented by the GDPR

Insights into measures executives are taking to empower end-users through ongoing awareness and education; transform behaviour and culture by integrating data classification and governance into day-to-day activities. Holistic discussion on how organisations can adapt to the GDPR and continue to foster innovation as it pertains to Big Data technologies, tactical and strategic use cases. Debate… Read more.

4.45pm- 5.15pm

Chair’s Closing Remarks