Main Conference: Day One


8.35am- 8.50am

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Potentially the most talked about job of 2018, CDO and CAO roles are hotly anticipated, but poorly understood. Michael will introduce topics around intelligent data management, governance, regulatory compliance and treating data as an asset, kicking-off the day’s agenda

Michael Hiskey
Chief Marketing Officer - Semarchy

8.50am- 9.20am

Opening Keynote: The Chief Data & Analytics Officer as the Innovator, Enabler and Change Agent

• Driving insights-led decision making – what are the best practices for effectively managing change across your organisation? • In what ways can you leverage previous successes and case studies to help promote change, whilst also managing expectations? • Discussing the ways in which the Chief Data & Analytics Officer can help influence the ways… Read more.


9.20am- 9.50am

Keynote Presentation: Seize the Data

• Not all data is created equal. Today firms must focus on learning exactly how the right data is creating action through implementation of insight. However digital action changes data flows which provides both challenges and opportunities. • To find out more, Pitney Bowes and Forrester surveyed 800 data and analytics experts across four countries… Read more.

Andy Reid
Global Director of Product Marketing for the Customer Information Management - Pitney Bowes

9.50am- 10.20am

Keynote Presentation: Embracing Predictive Analytics to Deliver Value In-Line with Business Objectives

• Converting data from analytics to actionable insights and recommendations. • Prediction, forecasting and the potential of prescriptive analytics for decision support and automation. • Improving understanding of predictive analytics to promote an agile response to insights and recommendations. • Using data and predictive analytics to create shared value for customers, your business and wider… Read more.

Pierre Du Toit
Chief Analytics Officer - Vitality (UK)

10.20am- 10.50am

Keynote Presentation: Most Organisations are on a Journey to be More Data Driven and Their Future Success Hinges on Speed and Direction of Travel

• What part should AI and ML play in this journey? • How do we attribute economic value to our data? • What impact will GDPR have on customer analytics, and how will this affect your speed of travel? • Where to start? What are the first steps you would take towards this Data Driven… Read more.

Michael Connaughton
Head of Big Data & Analytics, EMEA - Oracle

10.50am- 11.20am

Wellness Networking Break

A refreshing break with smoothie and health food options as well as the standard coffee break.

11.20am- 11.50am

Keynote Presentation:Transformation at Scale: Trends and Observations from Years in the Trenches of Data

Too many organizations hesitate to undertake the full transformation they know they need because the market always seems to suggest that they require preliminary steps in technology, talent, and other areas. These preliminary steps, however, often constrain options for the inevitable transformation — leading to a vicious circle of low-value efforts. Drawing on five years… Read more.

Jennifer Roubaud
Vice President, UK & Ireland - Dataiku

11.50am- 12.20pm

Exclusive Case Study: How Ticketing Data Optimises Strategic Decision Making in the Airline Industry

How big data is transforming the airline industry Airline best practices on data management Case Study: Direct Data Service (DDS) in depth global passenger market intelligence

Jean Ruiz
Head of Business Intelligence, Industry Data Management - IATA
Malik Hapaq
Manager, Travel Intelligence - IATA

12.20pm- 12.50pm

Panel Discussion: Where is Your Focus? Long Term Strategy Vs. Short Term Tactics

• How are your short term wins helping to establish credibility • How to set up your short term wins to build a strategy for long term strategy and gains • Identifying the low hanging fruit, to capitalise on these easy gains

Simon Hayter
Head of Analytics Strategy - Close Brothers
Karin Immenroth
Chief Analytics Officer - Wavemaker
Istvan Czilik
Senior Director, Enterprise Analytics - EPAM

Track A – Data Driven Culture

1.50pm- 2.35pm

Discussion Group 1A: Unifying Your Workforce with a Clear Data Analytics Communication Strategy

Laying out an effective strategy to begin with. Speaking in a language that works for the whole workforce. Understanding the drivers of the workforce to get the best results.

Natalie Jakomis
Head of Data & Attribution - Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water
Danielle Beltran
Global Head of Brand Analytics - Philips
Alessandro Bulfone
Group Chief Data Officer - Mediobanca
Kevin Fletcher
Chief Data Officer - HMRC

2.35pm- 3.20pm

Discussion Group 2A: Storytelling the Art of the Possible

• The role of the analytics leader as a translator: examining why these skills are so important. • Why is tailoring the communication of your knowledge and insight to your audience so important and effective? • Effectively communicating the power of data, and clearly demonstrating results.

Johnny Morris
Director of Research and Analytics - Countrywide

Track B – Successful Building Blocks

1.50pm- 2.35pm

Discussion Group 1B: Artificial Intelligence Creates the Smarts, Data Creates the Trust. But Where do I Start?

Data has become one of the most important components in any AI application. It creates trust in the vital decisions being made, as these decisions can impact the well-being of people and the health of the enterprise. So how do you trust the outcomes from your AI initiatives? You can start by understanding the 4… Read more.

Greg Hanson
Chief Technology Officer - Informatica

2.35pm- 3.20pm

Discussion Group 2B: Implementing a Rigorous Data Governance Framework: Can Agile Innovation and Governance Co-Exist

Is it possible for CDOs to innovate while ensuring governance and process, or do governance and process need to be dropped to make room for more agile data innovation methods? Is it a case of innovation or Governance, or can we have both Creating a middle ground to work for every eventuality

Eric Tyree
VP, Chief Data Scientist - Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Natasha Lauer
Director, EMEA Field Marketing - Collibra

Track C – Innovative Analytics

1.50pm- 2.35pm

Discussion Group 1C: The Key Principles to Better Value Generation Through Analytics

• Identifying cost saving opportunities and how to go about implementing them. • Case studies on cost savings through analytics: overcoming common challenges and inhibitors. • Communicating results to the business to win future internal business and increase credibility.

Jose Sanchez-Loureda
VP, Global Head of Data Science & Analytics - Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Nav Nair
Director of Supply Chain Analytics - Burberry
Mahesh Bharadhwaj
Head of UK Borrower Analytics - Funding Circle UK
Adam Mayer
Senior Manager, Technical Product Marketing - Qlik

2.35pm- 3.20pm

Discussion Group 2C: Discovering New Data Sources and the Opportunities They Provide

• What is dark data and why do we need it? How to generate dark insights. • Generating insights from unstructured data: case studies. • Gaining inspiration for new data sources and how can they compliment traditional sources

Jason Teoh
Head of Business Intelligence - Openreach
Erica Cawood
Head of Analytics - Openreach

3.50pm- 4.20pm

Exclusive Case Study: Future of Planning – City Information Models (CIM) A Case Study of From The Public Sector Perspective

• Delivering radical efficiencies through harnessing technologies within the public sector – using analytics to its full potential. • Making public sector data open and machine readable, as well as many starting to consider Government as a Platform (GaaP). • Future Cities Catapult has been focusing on understanding the land-use planning process in cities and… Read more.


4.20pm- 4.50pm

Keynote Presentation: Building a Culture of Self-Service Analytics

Building a data culture driven with the support of user-first technology The introduction of self-service analytics Uniting analytic and engineering teams across the business


4.50pm- 5.20pm

Fireside Chat: Chair’s Interview: The First Year as a CDAO

• How did you establish the case for change? • Setting a clear destination: where are you against this goal you set a year ago? • Looking back: what would you tell yourself a year ago?

Michael Hiskey
Chief Marketing Officer - Semarchy

5.20pm- 5.35pm

Chair’s Closing Remarks

What did we learn today? Where is it all going? The Chief Data & Analytics Officers’ journey is just beginning—and there is much more to come. Michael will attempt to summarise the key points from the litany of good information gained throughout the day.

Michael Hiskey
Chief Marketing Officer - Semarchy

5.35pm- 7.30pm

Drinks Reception & Networking in the Exhibition Area

With live music, amazing prize give-aways and even a iPad Caricature artist, this is really set to be a fantastic and memorable drinks reception.