Main Conference: Day One


8.45am- 9.15am

Chair’s Opening Remarks

• Discuss the commercialisation of the Chief Data Officer Role. • Evaluate the progress in the Office’s for National Statistic’s own journey of data-centricity. • Aligning the data strategy with ONS’s processes and outputs.

9.15am- 9.45am

Keynote Presentation: Seeking the Utopia and Harnessing the Power of People to Ensure Success of Data-Driven Outcomes

Machines do not win the battle people do! How do you get your organisation interested in the benefits of viewing data as an integral component of your business? Highlight the renewed importance of people, process and infrastructure and the ability for data to define the success of these functions. Evaluating the current and future organisational… Read more.

9.45am- 10.15am

Keynote Presentation: Creating A Data-Driven Culture

Which companies are renowned for being data-driven organisations and what attributes make them truly distinctive? Where are most organisations on their journey? What has worked and what hasn’t? What is the value at stake from having a data-driven culture? What are the risks and how do you mitigate those risks?

10.15am- 10.45am

Keynote Presentation: The Chief Data Officer as a Change Agent

We get it, but how do we get everyone else to understand the benefits of data to their operations and strategic goals. What stories can be told to get people involved and interested? Evaluating how CDO’s can champion and communicating the improved economics of building enterprise-wide data capability. Case studies from Network Rail on the… Read more.

10.45am- 11.15am

Panel Discussion In Partnership With IsCDO: What Are The Characteristics That Create An Effective CDO?

Contextualising the different stories by which CDOs have been appointed and evangelised as well as exploring common themes to CDO success. Establishing the importance of garnering strong internal relationships with key stakeholders, clarifying responsibilities and serving the needs of internal customers to begin cohesive business reform. Reflections from CDOs on effective strategies for aligning the… Read more.

11.45am- 12.15pm

Keynote Presentation: Improving BI Delivery Using Data Virtualization

A case study of how Voyanta, a provider of SaaS applications to commercial real estate investors, lenders and asset managers, continues to enable competitive advantage and superior performance for its customers. Re-engineering a BI and data architecture to keep pace with rapid data expansion and a continual demand for new reports and data transformations. A… Read more.

12.15am- 12:45pm

Keynote Presentation: Tackling the Data Ownership Challenge

Defining the concept of data ownership and how functional data ownership can exasperate silos. Citing the challenges in achieving true data ownership including: data discovery, visibility and company bureaucracy. Explaining why lack of data ownership can be an inhibitor to data quality sophistication.

12.45pm- 1.15pm

Panel Discussion: Data Democratisation & Empowering Colleagues To Leverage Data To Improve The Bottom-Line

Discussing the argument of centralisation versus decentralisation and the benefits of moving beyond a centralised data function and working towards the distributed use of data analytics across an organisation. Fostering grass roots creativity and innovation through data experimentation exercises and transformation by ingraining data into the very DNA of an organisation. Using data to encourage… Read more.

Track A – Business Transformation & Innovation Through Data

2.15pm- 3.00pm

Discussion Group 1A: The Key To Innovation Success – Harbouring Big Data To Foster Organisational Agility

Discussing how Big Data as a strategic asset and bolster business agility, responsiveness and market resilience with tactical and strategic use cases. Thoughts on the major hurdles in leveraging data for human-decision making including a perspectives on cultural resistance and corporate inertia. Critical analysis on the capabilities of real-time data process optimisation as well as… Read more.

3.00pm- 3.15pm

Discussion Group 2A: Case Studies – Leveraging Big Data to Push the Boundaries of Disruptive Innovation

Real examples from data leaders on how they have utilised Big Data to accomplish incredible feats and reshaped traditional business models. Can Big Data perform miracles? Perspectives into the opportunities and limitations for data in revolutionising services across industry. Identifying the most critical and creative data sources available to data and business practitioners.

4.15pm- 5.00pm

Discussion Group 3A: Monetising Data Streams and Generating New Business Opportunities

Examining the questions which must be asked in order to draw value from your data. Understanding the intrinsic connection between internal and external data and how you may bolster insight by infusing the two. Evaluating varying business models from different industries and utilising data streams. How does role fit your purpose and how can you… Read more.

5.00pm- 5.45pm

Discussion Group 4A: Getting Value From Unstructured Data And Exploiting the Explosion of Data Sources

Delving into the strategies being set forth by organisations approach incorporating in integrating new sources of data into their data sets. Gaining Insights from unstructured data and contextualising the most important sources in the near future. What the increase in data variety means for you – identifying and acquiring untapped potential in alternative data sources.

Track B – Data Foundations

2.15pm- 3.00pm

Discussion Group 1B: Establishing Enterprise-Level Best Practices And Approaches To Business-Driven Data Governance

Assessing strategies to prioritise Data Governance and sustaining stakeholder engagement in the value of effective Data Governance. Debating data ownership – how to overcome data territorialism to ensure a consistent approach to Data Governance. Answering key questions, including: how do you build a Data Management office? How often should a Data Governance team meet and… Read more.

3.00pm- 3.45pm

Discussion Group 2B: IT and Data Functions – Collaborating for Data Architectural Success

Working with internal stakeholders to drive support and examining the importance of relationships with CEO/CIO/CTO. Discussing the importance of involving the IT department in your activities, clearly explaining the benefits and strategies for keeping them on side. Where do you draw the line between analytics and IT, in what ways do the functions overlap and… Read more.

4.15pm- 5.00pm

Discussion Group 3B: Embedding Data Quality Principles Into the Fabric of Your Data Management Strategy

Defining the meaning of “high quality data”, use data quality that can be trusted. Identifying the main culprits that lead to low quality data and best practices to rectify these issues. Evaluating the strategies which can allow for a strong foundation of data quality responsibility from operational to corporate levels.

5.00pm- 5.45pm

Discussion Group 4B: Connecting The Dots and Mastering Data Lineage for Improved Security and Operational Efficiency

Providing visibility into the analytics pipeline and simplifying tracing the source of errors. Enriching data lineage with additional business value through strong Master Data Management. Reaping the regulatory reporting benefits of trustworthy data sources and breeding an agile response to an increasingly strict legislative environment.

CDO-X: Main Conference Day 1

2.15pm- 3.00pm

CDO-X Session 1: Data – Can We Have Our Cake And Eat It?

Too often, thinking about data has been zero- sum: assuming that unlocking the immense value and potential for innovation offered by personal data must come at the expense of individual freedoms, like our privacy But increasingly the evidence doesn’t support this idea. Just as technology creates the opportunity to gather data at a large scale,… Read more.

3.00pm- 3.45pm

CDO-X: Business Meetings

Pre-scheduled 1-2-1 Business Meetings between CDOs. Pre-scheduled 1-2-1 Business Meetings between pre-qualified solution providers and senior decision-makers.

4.15pm- 5.00pm

CDO-X Session 2: Building Data-Driven Applications & Products to Improve Your Organization’s Offerings

Critical assessment of the burgeoning role of Blockchain and measuring the likely impact data executives as well as the bottom-line. Blockchain – Why is it so unique and what does it mean for data? Assessing the various applications of Blockchain technology and potential use cases in the context of varying industries. Discussing the cultural changes… Read more.

5.00pm- 5.45pm

CDO-X: Business Meetings

Pre-scheduled 1-2-1 Business Meetings between CDOs. Pre-scheduled 1-2-1 Business Meetings between pre-qualified solution providers and senior decision-makers.