Main Conference: Day One


10.45am- 11.00am

Chair’s Opening Remarks

11.00am- 11.30am

Opening Keynote: The Chief Data & Analytics Officer as the Innovator, Enabler and Change Agent

• Driving insights-led decision making – what are the best practices for effectively managing change across your organisation? • In what ways can you leverage previous successes and case studies to help promote change, whilst also managing expectations? • Discussing the ways in which the Chief Data & Analytics Officer can help influence the ways… Read more.

11.30am- 12.00noon

Keynote Presentation: Data Sharing (through partnerships), Data Security and Data Standards

• How data is classified and who is allowed to access it for what purposes? • Establishing the priorities, access vs control, is it easy to create a balance • Balancing data control with the empowerment of employees to create value from data

12.00noon- 12.30pm

Keynote Presentation: Critical Success Factors: From Idea to Value in Data Analytics Projects: Creating Use Cases for Analytics, Data Technologies and Solutions

• Mapping the journey of data analytics initiatives from inception to proposal to deployment. • How do you leverage analytics to understand the complexities of the business and establish a value first approach to gain buy-In throughout the stakeholder spectrum? • Aligning the three pillars of business transformation: Strategy development, execution, and change management.

12.30pm- 1.00pm

Panel Discussion: Where is Your Focus? Long Term Strategy Vs. Short Term Tactics

• How are your short term wins helping to establish credibility • How to set up your short term wins to build a strategy for long term strategy and gains • Identifying the low hanging fruit, to capitalise on these easy gains

Track A – Data Driven Culture

2.00pm- 2.45pm

Discussion Group 1A: Unifying Your Workforce with a Clear Data Analytics Communication Strategy

Laying out an effective strategy to begin with. Speaking in a language that works for the whole workforce. Understanding the drivers of the workforce to get the best results.

2.45pm- 3.30pm

Discussion Group 2A. Storytelling the Art of the Possible

• The role of the analytics leader as a translator: examining why these skills are so important. • Why is tailoring the communication of your knowledge and insight to your audience so important and effective? • Effectively communicating the power of data, and clearly demonstrating results.

Track B – Successful Building Blocks

2.00pm- 2.45pm

Discussion Group 1B. The Must Have Traits of a Successful Data Analytics Department,:

What’s the ideal team structure? For now and the future? Unique traits in successful teams Is it all Data Quality, Quality, Quality?

2.45pm- 3.30pm

Discussion Group 2B. Implementing a Rigorous Data Governance Framework Considering Access, Usage whilst Empowering Creative Minds

• What’s the ideal team structure? For now and the future? • Unique traits in successful teams • Is it all Data Quality, Quality, Quality?

Track C – Innovative Analytics

2.00pm- 2.45pm

Discussion Group 1C: The Key Principles to Better Value Generation Through Analytics

• Identifying cost saving opportunities and how to go about implementing them. • Case studies on cost savings through analytics: overcoming common challenges and inhibitors. • Communicating results to the business to win future internal business and increase credibility.

2.45pm- 3.30pm

Discussion Group 2C: Discovering New Data Sources and the Opportunities They Provide

• What is dark data and why do we need it? How to generate dark insights. • Generating insights from unstructured data: case studies. • Gaining inspiration for new data sources and how can they compliment traditional sources

4.30pm- 5.00pm

FIRESIDE CHAT: Chair’s Interview: The First Year as a CDAO

• How did you establish the case for change? • Setting a clear destination: where are you against this goal you set a year ago? • Looking back: what would you tell yourself a year ago?

5.00pm- 5.15pm

Chair’s Closing Remarks