Pre-Summit Focus Day


9.00- 9.30

Building an Organization Structured Around Data-Driven Insight

Refocusing your organization to put data at the heart of decision-making. Communicating the need to use data to enhance decision-making. Understanding the limitations of data, and how to overcome this.

9.30- 10.00

Overcoming the Challenges of Legacy Systems

Overcoming the limitations of historic systems to create a platform to build from. Centralizing your data to drive the organization forward. Putting your data in the cloud to make it readily available.

9.30- 10.00

Panel Discussion: Advocating for a Data-Driven Culture

The role of the CDAO as a Data Evangelist. Working with business units on the benefits of access to data. Putting data into the hands of decision makers to make informed decisions.

11.15- 11.45

Data Wrangling

• Too much time is spent getting data into a position to work with, how can this be remedied? • Creating and storing uniform data to save time and resources • Putting the building blocks in place to make data quicker, easier, and faster to work with.

11.45- 12.15

Augmented Decision-Making

• Educating business units on the need to use data to inform decision-making. • Looking past the data and the need for it to be interpreted. • Building a culture where data and human insight work together.

12.15- 12.45

Panel Discussion: The Importance of the ‘Business Translator’

• Lack of action isn’t always a lack of technical skill but of communication. • Highlighting the need for specialists with communication or data visualization specialism. • Understanding the need for skills outside of traditional data analytics talent.

1.45- 2.15

Building for the Future Through Strategic Leadership

• Getting buy in from the CEO • Advocating data analytics across business units • Building a strategy and creating a roadmap for change

2.15- 2.45

Creating a Corporate Culture Driven by Data

• Putting insight into the hands of senior leadership to inform decision-making at board level. • Instilling a ‘filter-down approach’ to data-driven insight. • Building a platform for business unit owners to rely on data.

2.45- 3.15

Panel Discussion: The State of the Industry for Insurance

• Are forward-thinking organizations seeing real gains from early adoption already? • Can anyone afford to not be adopting data analytics when everyone else does. • What are the early challenges faced by those looking to restructure?

3.45- 5.00

Taking Advantage of Machine Learning to Achieve Business Success

With current levels of hype around machine learning reaching unprecedented levels, AI is seen as the next big area of investment for businesses and is seen by many to offer a foundational change to the way that they operate. The issue remains that it’s not as simple as plugging in an AI solution and expecting… Read more.