Masterclass A: From Cost Center to Profit Center – Unlocking Business Value through Data & Analytics

Time: 8.30am - 10.30am
On: Day One - 19/06/2018

The goals of Chief Data & Analytics Officers within financial services are changing. Several years ago, the main driver for the role was regulatory compliance and so CDAOs were tasked with getting their data into shape, focusing establishing a strong governance framework and high quality, accurate data. Now, to justify their budgets, CDAOs must go beyond box ticking and begin delivering real value to their organization. This in-depth masterclass will explore how to identify value that data & analytics can bring to your financial services institution by reducing costs, boosting revenue, increasing profitability, and identifying new opportunities for your organization.

You will learn:
• Common sources of low-hanging fruit which can provide you with quick wins
• How to assess the ROI of your data & analytics spend, in order to justify expense, prove return, and secure future budget
• Strategies that you can use to streamline processes and achieve efficiencies in your company’s operations
• Tips to increase the profitability of existing products and customers
• To use data & analytics to identify new sources of revenue for your business which may otherwise be missed
• Effective methods of communicating the successes your function has achieved and so demonstrate the value provided to crucial business partners and leaders