Day 1


9.00- 9.30

Keynote Presentation: The Evolving Role of the CDAO in Financial Services

As the role of analytics leadership moves from data preparation to insight, what does the future hold? Does the modern CDAO require a different skillset? Working with new stakeholders across the business

9.30- 10.00

Keynote Presentation: Shifting the lens of Data Governance from regulatory compliance to analytics

Expanding the remit of data and analytics past regulatory needs and switching to an ‘offensive’ approach. Data as a corporate asset – how to move the data analytics function from cost center to profit center. Structuring Data Governance and analytics to optimize outcomes.

10.00- 10.30

Keynote Presentation: Fuelling growth & innovation through Data Governance

Evaluating how Governance of data stands at the epicenter of managing enterprise risks as a direct and growing avalanche of new data, technologies and networks become available to the business. Identifying the opportunities and challenges presented by the Internet of Things, and define how businesses can invent, engage and grow by leveraging data in new… Read more.

11.00- 11.30

Keynote Presentation: Case Study – Experiences in rolling out the Data Governance strategy at SMBC

Getting the basics right is more important now more than ever, but, ow do you navigate data quality and governance initiatives when the ROI is not so clear? How do you engage the business on these initiatives in the age of machine learning, AI and Blockchain? Examining best practices and implementation of data management, Reference… Read more.

11.30- 12.00

Keynote Presentation: From data users to data stewards – engaging users in the ownership of their data

From Business Unit Leaders to Associates – getting stakeholders at all levels to buy-in to the importance of pro-actively managing their data. Entrenching data stewardship as business-as-usual across all verticals within your business. 3 critical success factors for an effective data governance program.

12.00- 12.30

Panel Discussion: Utilizing data as an asset – how can you transform the CDAO office into a profit center?

Has a focus on regulatory compliance in Financial Services companies held us back from exploiting data to better compete? How can this be overcome? Unlocking the value of data to core business activities such as risk management, marketing, and product development. Can we monetize our data to generate new sources of revenue?

Discussion Group Session 1

1.30- 2.15

Discussion Group 1A: Evolving analytics in financial services beyond regulatory compliance

Examining the challenges and steps needed to begin your insights-driven transformation. What can be done to convince internal stakeholders of the sheer importance of analytics? When should you begin to build out your analytics maturity? Reactivity to proactivity – Discussing strategies in strengthening regulatory compliance efficacy by building an ethos of agile and automated data… Read more.

1.15- 2.30

Discussion Group 1B: Exploring the benefits and challenges in developing real-time capabilities

To many, the Holy Grail of data analytics is to provide real time, actionable insight. Understanding the heavy lifting needed to arrive at this points. What benefits will you see from real time analytics? Is it worth the expense in the short term or an aspiration for the future?

1.15- 2.30

Discussion Group 1C: Empowering financial marketers and deepening customer relationships through analytics understanding and application

Creating intimate, personalized and convenient customer relationships in the age of digital. Highlight how financial services can remain competitive in relation to customer experience and what customers expect from today’s businesses. Evolving platforms for engagement and new trends.

Discussion Group Session 2

2.15- 3.00

Discussion Group 2A: Integrating data analytics into strategic decision-making

Informing senior leadership decision-making using data analytics. Showing value of analytics to C-level decision-makers. Making insight from analytics essential to the way your business operates.

2.15- 3.00

Discussion Group 2B: Blockchain technology – cutting through the hype

Cutting through the hype of Blockchain to see real business value. Ensuring how blockchain is already disrupting Financial Services . Implications for regulatory compliance and improving overall efficiency.

2.15- 3.00

Discussion Group 2C: Transforming anti-money laundering & fraud detection through analytics & data visualization

Examining the trends in financial crime and the methods used by traffickers and hackers to avoid detection. Use cases of analytics and data visualization to monitor the flow of money and better observe discrepancies. The benefits of data sharing between customs, tax and legal authorities in creating better efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with fraud… Read more.

4.00pm- 4.30pm

Keynote Presentation: Pioneering data-driven innovation & structuring advanced analytics environments

Leveraging advanced analytics and business intelligence to revolutionise core financial service functions. Establishing a data structure which can allow for innovation whilst leveraging data to capitalize on new markets and opportunities. Acknowledging the need for digital transformation to drive competitive advantage over disruptive tech innovators entering the market.

4.00- 4.30

Keynote Presentation: Modernization and delivery of analytics within a legacy organization

Evaluating the means of improved analytical adoption by aligning strategy around business outcomes and fixing capabilities around business features. How to incorporate data and analytics tactfully into an operational workflow. Scaling out modernization and implications from an operating model standpoint. How do you support it?

4.30- 5.00

Keynote Presentation: Financial Services – Transforming the already digitally-transformed

It may be argued that Financial Services has the longest and deepest experience of any industry in doing business digitally. And the data generated from all this digital activity has always been BIG. So what does it mean for the financial services industry to digitally transform? How does the Chief Data Officer keep the business… Read more.

5.00- 5.30

Panel Discussion: The data analytics skill-set to create a cross-functional team

Analytics teams – the key to data monetization – are facing unprecedented change. Amidst a technology transformation (to open source, automation, machine learning and AI…), while facing crushing business demand, and a global talent shortage, analytics leaders are at a cross-roads. How do they balance the talent/technology transformation forging a practical path forward until such… Read more.

6.45- 6.45

End of Day One