Sol Rashidi

Sol Rashidi

Job Title: Chief Data & Cognitive Officer

Company: Royal Caribbean International

Sol Rashidi is Chief Data & Cognitive Officer at Royal Caribbean International.

Speaking at the following:

2.15pm - 2.45pm
Keynote Presentation: Artificial Intelligence – Evolution or Revolution?

AI is currently offered as a fix-all solution to all business challenges. Are there limits to what can be achieved How can your business overcome the challenge of delivering on the hype to executives who want to take advantage of the next big trend Does AI offer genuine disruption or an evolution towards technology playing… Read more.

12.00pm - 12.45pm
Discussion Group 4B: Delivering AI Projects with Real Impactful Return on Investment

Getting the Board on-board – How do we win buy-in from the highest executive level, whilst ensuring that expectations are realistic and ‘hype bubbles’ are avoided? What approaches can you use to quickly prove the ROI that AI can offer your enterprise? How can we best communicate results to business-focused execs? Moving beyond the low… Read more.