Scott Radcliffe

Scott Radcliffe

Job Title: Executive Director, Data Analytics

Company: Cox Communications

Scott is leading a process and customer analytics team performing advanced modeling and analytics of proprietary data in order to provide strategic and actionable insights about the customer experience and the related operational processes. Lead business initiative for building the next-generation big data analytics platform on top of the Hadoop ecosystem using technologies for streaming, SAS, Databricks, MLlib for machine learning and many more.

Speaking at the following:

10.15am - 10.45am
Panel Discussion: Using Data Science & Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Business Process, Boost Revenue, and Better Compete

Generating insights that reduce Inefficiencies in your business processes Disrupting the market by making the most out of your data to create new business models Discover trends and patterns that uncover opportunities for growth using data science & AI

11.15am - 12.00pm
Discussion Group 3B: Agreeing a Common Definition of AI, and Assessing Whether it is Always the Answer

Is a universally accepted definition of AI required in order to be able to drive the industry forward? To AI, or not to AI – utilizing AI in areas where it offers benefits, and recognizing where it does not Is a holistic approach necessarily more effective than identifying individual projects and processes which can be… Read more.