Aarthi Srinivasan

Aarthi Srinivasan

Job Title: Director, Product Management - Personalization & Machine Learning

Company: Target

Experienced software product leader with years of experience launching Consumer and Enterprise Applications. Strong management skills to mentor and scale product teams. Well-versed in all aspects of product management including product strategy, product definition, lean testing and data analysis.

Speaking at the following:

1.45pm - 2.15pm
Keynote Presentation: Building in House Products and the Need for a Different Skillset

Skills needed vary depending on whether your organization builds the solution in house or uses an out-the-box solution Different skills and levels of experience are needed depending on the approach The need to hire for how the role will develop, not just generically for certain skills

3.15pm - 4.00pm
Discussion Group 2A: Tapping the Power of Machine Learning

How can we best enable disruptive innovation through the use of Machine Learning? What innovative approaches can be used to identify the right data-set with the right signals to train algorithms? Will the rise of machine learning lead to a decreased demand for Data Scientists as they are replaced by self-learning algorithms?

5.00pm - 5.30pm
Panel Discussion: Recruitment & Retention – Securing Top Talent to Supercharge Team

Overcoming the Skills Shortage by understanding attraction – what is the key to making your data team appealing to potential hires? Discussing approaches to developing relationships with the academic community, colleges, and students, in order to deepen the future pool of talent. What is the key to retaining your data rockstars, when top talent is… Read more.