Chief Data & Analytics Officer Africa 2017 – Richard van der Wath [Presentation]

Africa’s Premiere Event for Data & Analytics Executives

Returning in June 2018 – Johannesburg, South Africa

“This event is the most advanced forum in Africa for Chief Data & Analytics officers and senior data analytics professionals.”

– Pieter Forster, CDO, Barclays Africa Group

This was the sentiment Pieter shared with the audience during the opening panel discussion at CDAO Africa 2017 and is a testament to the value the event provides data analytics professionals in the region.

In its 2nd year CDAO Africa had over 175 attendees across 3 days from a wide range of industries and competency areas. Both attendees and sponsors commented on the seniority of the audience which is rarely seen at data analytics forums in the country. The event has become a key feature on the annual calendar.

The event featured insightful case studies from companies such as WongaZA, Eskom and VAST Networks which gave a fresh non-bank perspective on the use of data analytics for business performance.

And the ever-popular discussion group sessions led by Hollard, RMB, MyBucks, Investec, AbInBev and others ensured a wealth of knowledge was shared.

The event will run again in June 2018 with even more case studies, 4 discussion group streams and more ‘fan experiences.

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