Chief Customer Officer USA 2018 – Gongos Workshop

Chief Customer Officer USA took place in Miami from January 30th to February 1st 2018. The forum has established itself as an unparalleled platform for Chief Customer Officers and CX leaders to come together to collaborate, learn and share in practical “how to” strategies to benefit their organizations. creating a platform of discourse for the evangelism of customer centricity in modern day business and the sharing of best practices in accelerating the Chief Customer Officer road-map. Attracting over 130+ senior CX leaders and Chief Customer Officers, Chief Customer Officer USA 2018 dealt with a number of key topics and themes ranging from strategy alignment across silos, providing and proving the business case for customer strategies, attaining and maintaining buy-in, through to recruitment policies and building a customer centric culture of innovation. Across three days of networking, riveting keynotes and highly-interactive discussion sessions, attendees took home tangible and practical advice.

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