Main Conference Day One


The Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer role is rapidly becoming fundamental to modern day business. During conference day one our speaker faculty tackle how the CDAO role is transforming organisations as they are tasked with driving the data agenda in their enterprise, as well as being able to demonstrate real time value through the use of analytics and innovation.

09.00- 09.15

Chair’s Opening Remarks


09:15- 09:45

POLLING Keynote Presentation: The Chief Data & Analytics Officer Role: Reinventing the Role to Meet Business Needs

• Where does the CDO/CAO role fit, and is this working? What are the current reporting lines? Does this differ by industry? • Is the role agile enough in its current state to keep up with ever-changing business needs and requirements? • Discussing the ways in which the CDAO can help influence how others think… Read more.


09:45- 10:15

Keynote Presentation: The Role of the CDAO in Successful Cloud Migration

• Will the Cloud deliver a leap in delivering value to the organisation, if so how? • Successful case study demonstration in how the move to the cloud has been successful. • Demonstration of the first three steps to make in this move, and what is to be avoided. • What other technologies and platforms… Read more.

John Maton
Chief Data Officer - HSBC

10:15- 10:45

Panel Discussion: GDPR Post-Implementation: How is GDPR Shaping Your Overall Regulatory Strategy in Post-May 25th?

• How does this new data structure fit along with existing regulation? • How has your data strategy differed post-GDPR implementation? • Responding to high profile GDPR news post implementation.

10:45- 11:15

Coffee & Networking

11:15- 11:45

POLLING Keynote Presentation: The Road to Becoming a Chief Analytics Officer or Chief Data Officer

• What is the typical road to becoming a Chief Analytics Office or Chief Data Officer, is there one? • What should the reporting structure look like for these roles? What is working effectively? • What key strategies do you need to employ to drive engagement with the wider business, whilst also fostering an inclusive,… Read more.

Caroline Carruthers
Caroline Carruthers
Group Director of Data Management - Lowell Group

11:45- 12:15

Keynote Presentation: In Data We Trust? Rising to the Challenge of Privacy, Protection, and Security

• As customers become increasingly aware of, and concerned by, their data and its usage, what steps should we be taking to ensure that we retain public trust in our ability to steward their information? • Trust-as-a-Service – building privacy into everything we do • What impact has GDPR had on the data industry, and… Read more.

12:15- 12:45

Panel Discussion: Centralisation vs. Decentralised Data & Analytics teams

• Is there a need for a dedicated function or should data and analytics be embedded throughout the business? • What are the real practical differences between embedded teams versus. dedicated centralised teams. • Is there a one size fits all approach or should this be tailored for each company? If so, which factors dictate… Read more.

Karin Immenroth
Chief Analytics Officer - Wavemaker

Interactive Discussion Groups

Three 45-minute Discussion Groups running concurrently, hosted by 1-4 expert chairs. These informal discussions encourage everyone to participate and ask the questions they want the answers to. CDAO delegates may attend any session. Choose your room and contribute.

Discussion Group Session 1

1.45- 2.30

Discussion Group 1A: Establishing the Most Effective Data-Driven Culture and Communicating Your Strategy Company Wide

• Understanding the key steps in establishing a data-driven culture. • Exploiting the benefits of the data- driven approach. • Should the data-driven culture be delivered from a top down approach? If so, how can bottom-up buy-in be accomplished? • Speaking in a language that works for the whole organisation. Effectively translating your communication strategy… Read more.

Danielle Beltran
Global Head of Brand Analytics - Philips
Ricardo Rodriguez
Data Analytics Manager for Europe, South America & Asia - General Motors

1.45- 2:30

Discussion Group 1B: Data Science Versus Data Engineering – Striking the Right Skills Balance within your Team

• What is the difference between Data Engineers and Data Scientists, and what should they each be doing within your function? • Stop hunting for Unicorns that don’t exist! How to successfully split the workload between Engineers & Scientists and reap the rewards of utilizing complementary skills sets. • Don’t feed your models rubbish –… Read more.

Paul Bergbusch
Head of Data Science - Deutsche Börse

Discussion Group Session 2

2:30- 3.15

Discussion Group 2A: Creating and Building a High Performing Data Team for Scratch

• Understanding the traits that are unique in successful teams and looking to replicate them when building your own team • Setting up your team structure to highlight the positive attributes, planning the structure both for now and future growth • Placing a huge emphasis on data quality to support this team.

Paul Bergbusch
Head of Data Science - Deutsche Börse
Dominik Kalisch
Chief Analytics Officer - NORD/LB
Jim Anning
Director of Data - GoCardless

2:30- 3:15

Discussion Group 2C: Harnessing the Power of Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics

• Establishing an effective framework to employ predictive analytic techniques. • Gaining c-level buy-in and financial sponsorship for your predictive analytics projects – how do you build an effective business case? • The value comes from insights if they have implementable outcomes – predictive vs. prescriptive analytics.

Pinar Dolen
Global Head of IT, Finance and Business Intelligence - Louis Dreyfus Company
Ricardo Rodriguez
Data Analytics Manager for Europe, South America & Asia - General Motors
Nicolás Goubert
Chief Product Officer - Mentor

3:15- 3.45

Coffee & Networking

4:15- 4.45

Keynote Presentation: Cognitive Technology Development and Adoption – Keeping up with the Rapid Pace of Change, from AI, ML to DL What is Next?

• Discussing strategies for keeping current in a technological environment which is rapidly changing and developing. How do you determine what technology to invest in, and how can you stay current without tones of investment? • Bleeding edge technology – Where is the optimal point to be on the technology adoption curve? And how do… Read more.

4.45- 5:00

Closing Remarks from the Chair


5.30- 7:00

Masterclass A: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning: The Foundations

Where to start in making Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning an integral part of your organisation’s decision-making process. Many organisations have some experience implementing in AI/ML/DL but only few are utilising it to its full potential. This workshop will help you to get on the road to using these technologies in the most… Read more.

5.30- 7.00

Masterclass B BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook: Getting the Basics Right

As the sell out masterclass at this year’s CDAO UK, Caroline and Peter return to deliver the masterclass in Frankfurt. Caroline and Peter have both a huge wealth of experience and have recently worked together to write their book: ‘The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook’. In this Masterclass, Caroline and Peter will explore the highlights from… Read more.

Caroline Carruthers
Caroline Carruthers
Group Director of Data Management - Lowell Group
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