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We are proud to announce our 2018 dates for Chief Data & Analytics Officer, Week! Please check back here for updates!

“CDO Europe was a symposium of kindred spirits, with a good spread of industries represented and abundance of experienced practitioners. The agenda has been impeccably researched organised and managed by the Corinium team, and I have particularly enjoyed the discussion group format, which, in my opinion, produced some fascinating insights in how many ways the data challenge is tackled”.

Roberto Maranca, Chief Data Officer, GE Capital

Coming to Mainland Europe for the first time, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Week 2017 explored how, you as a data and analytics leader, can deliver on insight-led decision-making and drive innovation within your business. Exploring strategies and approaches for delivering real actionable insights, utilising data and analytics through tangible real-life case studies, while embedding the importance of governance and data quality enterprise-wide, CDAO, Week 2017 tackled the key challenges of the new generation of data analytics leaders.

Key themes explored at CDAO Week 2017, include:

THE DATA DRIVEN C-SUITE - Evaluating data analytics investment, prominence and acceptance in the boardroom.

DATA FRAMEWORK: MANAGED AND GOVERNED - Data governance, quality, privacy and ethics. Developing robust data strategies that support the current and future needs of the enterprise.

DATA INSIGHT AND INTELLIGENCE -  Adopting and evaluating data driven approaches and tools to support the move from data insight to execution. Practical experiences on the future of analytics: open source and advanced, predictive and experimental analytics.

CULTURE AND LEADERSHIP - Defining, fostering and embedding a culture of data analytics and insight based decision making. Democratising analytics to foster insight and co-operation throughout the organisation.

THE SMART ENTERPRISE - Driving innovation, agility and business value. Monetising data to deliver strategic worth to the business.

35+ Speakers

100+ Attendees

68% C-Level

2017 Speakers

Why invest your time?


Inspiring ideas

What are the deliverables of the Chief Data and Analytics Officer? How can having a place in the c-suite enhance the company's ability to leverage data? Hear from Europe's leading data and Analytics  experienced professionals as they share their insights on their role in September.


Unique format

The internationally regarded Corinium approach of visionary keynotes, strategy based panels and discussion groups enables the tough questions to be tackled in an discursive and inclusive manner.

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Innovative tech

With so many leading practitioners and exhibitors, you will discover the latest advancements in the data and analytics technology space. Make the most of the coffee breaks to not only visit exhibitors, but also ask the speakers about their experiences and technologies they've implemented.

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What people are saying

“I found the conference had a very impressive line-up of true experts that spoke with true insights about the challenges of a CDO. Would definitely attend again if given the chance.”

Christian Wiese Svanberg, Head of Data Protection Unit (Chief Privacy Officer) Danish National Police


“The CDO conference was insightful, smooth, with great opportunities to meet SME in data management from different industries, and provided easy access to vendors. The “data community” Corinium is building will surely last for years to come, keep up the great work!”

Kean Ruiz, Head of Business Intelligence, Industry Data, International Air Transport Association


“I do have to say, I was impressed with the way the CDO Europe event was run, the speakers were first class, the agenda relevant and well curated and the audience large and of good quality. I will come again next year.”

Tony Gosling, Chief  Data Officer, Defence Infrastructure Organisation, UK MoD


“It was great to be part of the CAO Europe event, alongside some excellent talent within the Analytics and Data Science world! Thanks for inviting me to speak Naomi”

Simon Hayter, CAO, Close Brothers Retail Finance

“Thanks Naomi and the team for the great organization. A fantastic event full of great ideas and interesting discussions!”

Pablo Suarez, BI and Analytics Director, Walt Disney Company

“Many, Many thanks to Naomi, Craig and the Team for having this insightful event. it was a great opportunity to interact, network and learn from all speakers and everyone who attended this forum”

Dr. Mark Nasila, Head of Advanced Analytics , Chief Risk Office, First National Bank South Africa

Global CDAO Community


Building on our global conference series....

The Chief Data and Analytics Officer Week 2017 is built on research with local Data and Analytics leaders but also leverages our global Chief Data and Analytics Officer community. We’re able to bring you content and speakers from international thought-leaders who have walked the path of analytics development.

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