CDAO Public Sector 2017 – Dr Tania Churchill, Senior Data Scientist, AUSTRAC

The Chief Data & Analytics Officer Public Sector brought together 100+ of the most senior data and analytics leaders in the Australian Public Service to share best practice and assess the most critical challenges and opportunities in data and analytics.

Key themes:

The latest update on the Key Whole of Government (WofG) digital transformation initiatives by The Hon Angus Taylor MP

UK case study – The UK’s Community Insight tool – how housing organisations are tailoring services based on data

USA case study:  The Chief Data & Analytics Officer role:  the crucial first 90 days

The Department of Immigration & Border Protection’s case study:  focus on data as a strategic asset and prospective data analytics reforms

The ABS “big data” directions project – clearing the path towards greater efficiency & data integrity

Open data – a strategic asset for government to extract powerful insights and deliver better services to citizens

The Chief Data & Analytics Officer role in Government:  Data Champions and their role in driving the data analytics agenda

What’s new? The most innovative analytical and reporting strategies to extract real value from big data

Talent – getting the right people to drive the data management strategy

Data sharing:  Addressing the challenge of sharing customer information across government agencies without identifying the customer

Data Governance:  The road to Digital Continuity 2020 – A WofG approach to governance and managing information as an asset

Risk – identifying & mitigating the risks of open data

Talent acquisition & workforce capability:  Strategies for attracting analytical professionals into public sector roles

Building a data-driven culture: breaking down silos, consistent data management & improved decision making

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