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Corinium CxO C-Suite Hangouts are different. We are a community built by and for the emerging C-level roles that have transformed the face of the traditional C-Suite. Get free, unrestricted access to leading content and a chance to have a voice with strategy pioneers in Big Data, Analytics, Data Science, Customer Experience, Artificial Intelligence & Corporate Learning. Our extensive research and global experience has led us to develop this new digital content platform that gives you the chance to, not only hear from the leading minds in the industry, but to contribute to the critical thinking being shared.

Fabrice Otano, SVP, Chief Data Officer, Accor

"It has been a great pleasure attending the CDO Forum and I caught some very interesting insights from the many different sessions"

Jessica Rusu, Director EU Analytics, eBay

“The conference was a fantastic way to connect with professionals leading the Data & Analytics transformation in the industry.”

Eduard Gil, Chief Data Officer, SAGESSA

“It was a great cross sectoral event. It was a unique opportunity to share knowledge and build networks with CDOs form the most valuable brands.”

Dipti Patel, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, CEP America

"We all learn differently...and this format [discussion groups] let's us learn by participating. And that is the thing we will remember. It's personal.”

John Sullivan, Director of Innovation, North America Center of Excellence, SAP

"'It really takes the coming together of people like these [Attendees of the Chief Analytics Officer Fall]...to tell us, this is the problem we need to come together to solve”

Oliver Halter, Partner, PwC

''I think the interactions here are much better than...the other conferences I have ever attend'

Romi Mahajan, Chief Commercial Officer, TimeXtender

'The people at the Corinium events are the decision-makers and are the people that push the industry forward. If that benefits the industry, great. If that benefits us too, also great."

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