4 Proven Techniques for CDAO Government Officials

Data and analytics is one of the most critical asset for government agencies in 2017. All levels of government collect an increasing amount of data every day. As these agencies strive for a meaningful digital transformation, it’s important not only to collect and store large data sets, but also to use that data when making mission-critical decisions.

The CDAO Government conference which took place last month in Washington D.C ON June 6th & 7th brought together the key leaders and drivers paving the way for the new world of data and analytics within Government.

When the data and analytics life cycle is well understood, government thought leaders need to plan and identify the following:

Data is now the lifeblood of twenty first century government, driving policy and service development and powering decisions on the frontline. It is transforming the face of government and public services – and we intend to make the most of it. The CDO & CAO position is a crucial element in helping organizations realize and manage the full value of their information assets. It’s an imperative time for government officials in the big data world. Based on Clarivate Analytics data covering scientific publications and patenting activity, download the Top 25 Innovators in Government report which specifies the 25 government agencies worldwide that are most successfully channelling their basic research into commercial and industrial application. Evaluation centers on such factors as the quantity, global reach, and success rate of filed patents, as well as how frequently an institution’s research papers are cited by patents. The US Department of Health and Human Services (whose component agencies include the National Institutes of Health and other research powerhouses) achieved the highest cumulative score, followed by the French research agency CEA

The CDO & CAO must be fully empowered to drive value from data, and such empowerment requires both responsibility and authority. At the same time, the appointing organization needs to focus on identifying talent and developing the types of capabilities needed by a data-driven organization. To stay ahead of future trends globally The European Research Council (ERC) report from Clarivate Analytics assesses the output and impact of research funded by the agency. Examination of published papers, as well as patents, demonstrates the strength of ERC-supported research – for example, in its increasing production of highly cited papers. By the general measure of normalized citation impact, which controls for different subject fields and years of publication, the ERC registers the highest score of the world’s 50 most frequently acknowledged funding agencies, as tracked in Clarivate Analytics Web of Science.

The real measure of a CDO & CAO’s success will be whether they help drive value from data and prove it. Most importantly they cannot afford to be risk averse and should be ready to assess opportunities and, as appropriate, venture into new areas. Through fact-driven and imagination-inspired approaches a report from Clarivate Analytics examines highlights of Canadian research, both current and historical. Citation statistics from the Web of Science track the ongoing influence of Banting and Macleod’s Nobel Prize-winning work on insulin in the 1920s, and McCulloch and Till’s groundbreaking research on stem cells in the 1960s. Analysis also focuses on Canada’s recent research in those areas, examining highly cited institutions as well as the nation’s overall impact. Throughout the report, interviews with Canadian experts add dimension to the country’s current course and future prospects in research.

We are indeed just at the beginning of a Big Data boom that is undeniable, irreversible and loaded with opportunity for organizations that transform themselves with data-driven decisions. And the CDO & CAO are a crucial element in helping organizations realize and manage the full value of their information assets. It’s an imperative time for government officials in the Big Data.



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