2018 Predictions in Data and Analytics

At our Chief Analytics Officer event that took place in Boston on October 2017, we interviewed some of the top experts in data and analytics and asked them what their predictions are for the world of data and analytics in 2018. Here is what they had to say to us:

Johan Roos – Director CIO Treasury – Santander Bank

In 2018 I think we will see a big move towards data immigration, the expanse of data and being able to use more of a “data lake” from an exploitation perspective. I also think that from a reporting and analytics perspective much will change next year as data reporting needs to become much more transparent. The need for data reporting in “real time” will also increase and Santander is driving digital transformation internally, with the banking industry on the cusp of big disruption.  New technologies, new players and ways of managing data will drive innovation and change in the data and analytics industry in 2018.

Arash Sadati – Head of Data and Decision Science – GEICO

I think a lot of companies are going to move from a process orientated data and analytics model to a transactional based model, and will also adopt more of an intelligent and agile decision making process.

How data and analytics professionals manage these changes remains to be seen, but these changes are going to be determined more by analytics and data science models rather than business rules and standards so that more personalized processes can be created for customers, and in turn the customer experience can be improved and enhanced dramatically, with a huge acceleration of the delivery of value to customers.

Jose Garza – Director – Banorte

At Banorte customer focus is key for us, and therefore we also focus on data and analytics and what that tells us to improve the customer journey and customer experience.

Our growth and development is driven by data and analytics and our insights tell us what areas to focus on and what our customers want from us so in 2018 I anticipate that we will be using more data and analytics software and processes to determine how we drive forward our business growth next year.

Shiva Kumar – Director of Data Science – Brighthouse Financial

I predict that in 2018 there will be a big move towards cloud based data and analytics. Our company is moving entirely to the cloud and using more open source applications to drive innovation. Also, the buzz around artificial intelligence and the ability to use various kinds of data sources to better drive business decisions is another way that data and analytics will stay ahead of the curve in 2018.

Mike Kim – Director of Analytics – Aarete

We work a lot with retail, health care and a lot of other industry verticals. Next year in 2018 I think a push towards customization, that is, being tool agnostic and presenting data and analytics in a customized point of view. Whether it’s “analytics as a service” or “analytics on demand”, both equally important in 2018.


From the interviews we conducted it is clear that there will be some big changes in the field of data and analytics in 2018. We will be following up with our interviewees towards the end of next year to find out if their predictions in data and analytics for 2018 have come to fruition, or not!

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