Want an honest measure of your customer centricity? Try this.

When asking the question to Senior Executives “How Customer -Centric is your company”, there are typically two answers:

  1. We are very Customer-Centric
  2. We are way behind on this

The strange thing is that in both cases, many of them are wrong.

Those that think they are very Customer -Centric are regularly siloed, disconnected and slow but refer to their own personal approach as Customer-Centric. Those that think they are way behind are often ahead of the curve or at least, at par with their peers in the industry and just being hard on themselves or don’t really have a benchmark to compare against. So given this, what are some simple ways to gauge Customer Centricity?

Benchmark against Competitors

It can be hard to get a hold of competitor information. Not impossible and easier than you might think if you really go looking, but, at best, you can just get a hold of their metrics and see how you compare. After all, who wants to tell their competitors what they are doing or working on?

Having said that, there are things that affect CX that you can have access to. Website responsiveness and UX, enquiry responsiveness, converted churn, third party research, social analytics, online reviews and personally buying their product, to name a few. These are things you can easily glean to form an intelligent opinion as to how you compare relative to your peers/industry.

Gather Feedback

For those who have driven their CX towards Data, you likely have a more realistic view of what is being achieved. In my opinion (see what I did there?), CX and Analytics must go hand in hand. Feedback and a simple measure like Net Promoter Score (NPS) should be part of what you are capturing.

Whilst NPS is only a part of what you should be capturing, it can give great insight into potential risks and opportunities.

Pay Attention to Social Media

A former colleague of mine, Alistair Clemett of The Customer Experience Company summarises this here better than I could. Depending on the type of business you are in, there is likely more insight to be gained from Social Media than surveys. Both have their faults but can be some of your most powerful ways to measure CX.

Measure Responsiveness

There are some major elements here for me, they are;

  • Website – Page load, forms, UX, etc.
  • Enquiry – When someone asks a question or registers to find information, how quickly do you respond? Think in seconds rather than the hours or days many companies think in.
  • Service Recovery – How simply and quickly do you solve your customer’s problems?

Try this at home!

There are many more options, but these can be some of the simplest areas where you can get started. With or without these options, there is still one more thing you should be doing (and never stop doing) to get an honest, unfiltered measure of your customer centricity: Experience being a customer for yourself.

Look for information on your site, fill in forms, inquire, buy (if you can), speak to agents, use the product and generally see things from your customer’s perspective by being a customer. You will often find some of the simplest fixes this way.

If you really are curious you will find answers you otherwise wouldn’t have.

By Ben Shipley:


Ben Shipley is the Partnerships Director at Corinium Global Intelligence. You may reach him at [email protected]  Twitter: @benjaminshipley LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/benjamindshipley 


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