Philippine Airlines: CX Through the Passenger’s Eyes

An airline executive thoughts on customer experience

The Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is rapidly becoming fundamental in every organisation. Over the next 5-10 years, it is expected that every organisation will have the equivalent of a CCO.  As organisations embrace the age of the customer, the CCO role will be one of immense strategic importance in how organisations align innovation, product development and customer experience initiatives.

We interviewed Jessica Abaya, Chief Customer Experience Officer, Philippine Airlines to learn more about her role.


Corinium: How would you describe the evolution/progression of customer experience over the last 12 to 18 months? What’s driving this?

Jessica Abaya: Customers have become more demanding and more powerful as of late, with such great influence on social media and with the growing availability of options. They know what they want and what they cannot stand. And they let companies and their huge circle of friends or followers know about them. As such, companies have began improving customer service, and have been focusing on enhancing customer experience – delivering quickly on all unmet needs, both articulated and not. As well as coming up with some surprise delighters. In the Philippines, customers have become more aware of their Passenger Bill of Rights, and are more vocal about their preferences or frustrations as they fly more frequently.

Corinium: What do you believe to be the biggest challenge faced by Chief Customer Officers and what can be done to overcome these challenges?

Jessica Abaya: Chief Customer Officers face several challenges. I think the biggest is the need to get the right people, programs and systems in place to support Desired Customer Experience programs.

Corinium: What should customer experience executives prioritise in order to be successful?

Jessica Abaya: I think the focus should be listening to Customer Voice, getting the right people in the right roles, investing in the right systems – Customer Management Tool to facilitate strategic initiatives, Single Customer View, etc. and instilling the right mindset among everyone in the organisation.

Corinium: Why do you think executives should care about customer experience and think about having their own Chief Customer Officer?

Jessica Abaya: I think today HOW a product or service is delivered has become as important, if not more important than WHAT product or service is being sold. Products are becoming more commoditised, so Customer Experience has become a Brand Differentiator. And since the customer does not think in silos, companies should not either. They should take a wholistic approach of customers and need to unite internal organisations around this one central focus. I believe the companies that deliver the best experience wins customers over the long term.

Corinium: What is the future of customer experience?

Jessica Abaya: Simple, fast, and personalised.


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