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There is a lot of talk around the millennial customer in terms of “that generation”, but we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that 21st century customer experience is limited to 16 – 30 year olds. Today’s companies need to interact across multiple channels, provide services through several touchpoints and ensure a seamless experience to all customers. Managing expectations and experience is now exceeding product or service value. In an experience driven economy there are an even greater number of potential challenges – hence the indispensable role of the modern Chief Customer Officer.


But, the big question is, where do you start?


Companies who focus on projects that collect and analyse customer feedback from multiple touchpoints are starting to create a better sense of their customer journey. According to surveys conducted by Deloitte, 62% of companies view experience delivered by contact centres as a differentiator, and Gartner has surmised that by 2018 more than half of organizations will invest heavily into customer experience innovation. But here is the rub, how to make sense of all the information from online, in-store, social media, VoC and surveys. Omni-channel engagement is a minefield that needs to be navigated with care and consideration – if done correctly the rewards are significant, but if executed poorly it could prove significantly costly.


Regardless of the channel of service, the expectation from customers remains the same – the expectation of consistency and personalization is a real challenge that is enabled by our connected digital world.  Yes, there are strategies for dealing with different customer generations, and yes some customers prefer speaking to a human whereas others want instant gratification on their social media feed. But it is the consistency and authenticity of service across these channels that is paramount. In a recent study, Accenture found that a staggering, yet not all too surprising, 89% of customers get frustrated by inconsistent experiences across multiple channels. A further study by Kampyle suggests that 87% of customers demand that brands create greater consistency.


One of the greatest tasks for any customer centric organization is to ensure consistent and seamless customer experience across multiple channels, so much so that PwC predict by 2020 the demand for seamless CX will be amplified b y the need for near perfect execution.


There is a great urgency for companies to transform their businesses overnight, to reshape their philosophy around a modern consumer seeking immediate gratification; this is a daunting task taking into account multiple variables, people and processes.


The real question is, now that we’ve come to understand the enormity of the situation, “where to now”?


By Ryan Matthews:

Ryan Matthews is the Content Director for Chief Customer Officer Forums at Corinium Global Intelligence. Most of his time is spent researching with leading CX professionals to understand market issues to develop valuable content to the CX community. Please contact him at: [email protected]

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