Chief Data Officer Europe | Corinium Conferences | February 2017

Data Conference - CDO Europe Feb 2017

The premiere data conference for CDOs and Data Executives

London, 21-23 February 2017

The Chief Data Officer (CDO) has emerged as one of the most valuable emerging C-Suite positions in today’s turbulent business environment. A champion, who has grappled with the strategic advantage that comes with leveraging data as a core strategic asset. Naturally the role’s rise to prominence has mirrored the growing abundance and diversity of vast data sources now available to many of today’s organisations. However, this transition has not come without it’s challenges with Gartner stating that only 50% of Chief Data Officer’s will be hailed a success. The CDO Europe data conference returns to enable the CDO community to establish the best practices in consolidating the evolving data-leadership roadmap and empower data executives in their journey of transformation.

60+ Speakers | 200+ Attendees | 75% C-Level | 3 Masterclasses

Speakers CDO Europe 2017

And more, browse the full list of speakers and VIPs.

The event offers you:

  • Insight into the latest on data strategy and talent management from 40+ leaders in the data industry in 2 days of main conference
  • Peer learning in our discussion groups on data foundation and business transformation through data
  • In-depth knowledge on topics such as the case for the CDO, data governance, the value of data projects and real business value from analytics in the pre-conference masterclasses
  • Preparation for GDPR by understanding how to implement it in your business and where the responsibility lies in the GDPR Focus Day
  • Networking time with over 200 senior-data professionals, including over 60 CDOs, which makes the event the largest gathering of Chief Data Officers on the continent

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