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Tailored, custom events for thought leadership, client engagement & lead generation

The Digital Roundtable

The Digital Roundtable is an innovative, expert-led, online meeting place for our emerging C-suite executives.

Based on the recognition of the role they play in shaping the data, analytics and digital world, these informal online roundtables bring together leading experts far and wide.

This is an opportunity for you take a seat at the 'table' by sponsoring one of upcoming events.

Nothing gets you to the heart of your customer base better than this. Our reach across the emerging C-suite is second to none. We can develop a targeted group based on industry, region, topic etc and deliver them right to you.

Our C-suite participants sits via webcam at a ‘Digital Roundtable’ with up to 15 colleagues together with a 'Discussion Chair', the idea of the small group being to encourage inquiry and discussion. The intimate interaction between the Discussion Chair (and possible Co-Chairs) and the small number of attendees is a key feature that makes The Digital Roundtable a unique and much-valued initiative.

Each group is dedicated to the topic of greatest importance to the participants and includes the most knowledgable people on the subject. After our Discussion Chair initiates the discussion, you are invited to offer your own experiences or questions, sparking a free-flowing and open conversation in which 100% of the participants always contribute. 

The Digital Roundtable will recruit the Discussion Chair and all participants.

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Corinium Digital Roudtable
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Custom Digital & Live Events

Sometimes the best environment for creating growth opportunities for your company is a bespoke one, allowing you to share your unique value proposition with the people who can make a real difference. That’s why we facilitate private events for select clients.

Working with us to create private events is an opportunity for you to access our global network of emerging C-suite executives and develop private, invitation only interactions that are perfectly aligned with your objectives and inspiring experiences for the attendees.

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Our clients include:

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